Sitting Volleyball

Triangle Volleyball Club is a proud community partner with our local Paralympic Sport Club:

WHO PLAYS?  Sitting volleyball is an adaptive version of the standing game but in our gym EVERYONE is welcome to play. It is a different and fun way to experience the game of volleyball. At Triangle you will see people of all ages, genders and physical abilities on the court playing [individuals with/without physical disabilities]. You do not have to have any volleyball experience or be a member of Triangle Volleyball Club to participate in our program. This program is a free service and is open to anyone in the community. Come out and PLAY!

WHY?  Sitting Volleyball is an on-going service project we provide to the community. We are partners with a local Paralympic Sports Club [Bridge II Sports, Durham, NC] and we are the local source for adaptive volleyball. We have guests [players with physical disabilities] who attend regularly and use this opportunity to play volleyball. 

HISTORY?  Sitting Volleyball is a recognized Paralympic sport. It is a great activity for people who are recovering from injuries like TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury] and surgical amputation but our experience has proven that it is an activity that can be accessible for a range of physical disabilities. The sitting version of volleyball was originally developed for our returning military members after WWII but it has evolved into so much more. Sitting volleyball has been included in programs like the ‘Valor Games’ and the ‘Wounded Warrior Project’ for our injured military. 

WHAT?  We offer free monthly training/competition on the second Sunday of the month [September - May]. We have a device designed by the engineering school at Duke University that enables a person with a spinal cord injury to play while seated on the floor. This device could be beneficial to an individual who requires additional support to remain seated and play volleyball. This device allows the user to have an increased involvement while playing the game and it allows us to expand our program to include a larger, more diverse group of people.

WHERE?  All our sessions take place at our facility [Triangle Volleyball Club]. 

WHEN?  Youth [18 and under]:  The second Sunday of each month [September – May*] from 230-4pm.

*Sunday, March 11th  - we will host an all-day sitting volleyball tournament at the Raleigh Convention Center rather than train at our own facility.

Adults & Adult Veterans:  The first and third Tuesday of each month [September – May**] from 10am-1pm

**We will not meet on Tuesday, January 2nd


  1. Invite a person from your community to come and play. Is there a person you know that might be able to benefit from an adaptive sport? Reach out to that person and INVITE them! 
  2. Come and PLAY! Our goal is to provide enough players at each session [both able-bodied and those with physical disabilities] so that the sessions will be fun and energetic. No group is excluded: able-bodied/disabled, military/non-military, young/old, male/female, experienced/inexperienced, member/non-member. If you are a student-athlete seeking service hours, this is a great way to earn hours while living out our club’s mission.
  3. Spread the word! Post information about our program at your school or in your community. Tell others about our program and help them get involved. 

RSVP & QUESTIONS?  If you have any questions or if you would like to RSVP and attend, please reply to Jenna Hinton. A completed waiver will be required to be on file for anyone participating.