Strength & Conditioning | Vertical Jump

Strength and conditioning are a core part of Triangle's programming and are designed with a dual purpose - to increase athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

JUMP+ combines the use of traditional strength and conditioning training methods and employs the use of a VertiMaxTM board to improve take-off and landing strategies related to blocking, serving and attacking as well as increasing vertical jump. Each hour-long session will include plyometrics, age-appropriate weight training, and VertiMaxTM training.

Please note the age and ability restrictions for all of Triangle's strength and conditioning programming. 


Lead Staff: 

Corey Johnson

Strength, Conditioning & Vertical Jump Offerings

Vertical Jump

JUMP is a vertical jump training program designed for the elite volleyball athlete and is one important component of a comprehensive volleyball training regimen. Our program utilizes training methods and specialized equipment including three (3) VertiMax™ training platforms, to enhance the speed, power, and jumping ability of participants. Participants receive:

-Supervised strength training designed to increase vertical jump

-Increased first-step quickness and burst speed

-Mental toughness training and a competitive edge

-Reduced injury potential

NOTES: Triangle athletes CANNOT attend JUMP on the same night as their regular practice night. JUMP+ is intended for athletes with a solid core of base fitness and who are aged 13s and up.

Due to limited space this program is only offered to current Triangle team members. Must be 13s and up FRONT ROW PLAYER. 


Monday/Wednesday - $350 Early-bird [$400 Regular] per athlete [23-1 hour sessions]

Tuesday/Thursday - $250 Early-bird [$300 Regular] per athlete [23-45 minute sessions]

Mondays/Wednesdays-January 3 - March 28* [23 Sessions]
*No class on Mon. Jan. 15 or Mon. Feb. 19

  • 430-530pm OR
  • 530-630pm


Tuesdays/Thursdays-January 4 - March 27* [23 Sessions]
*No class on Tuesday, Feb. 20 [due to CHC]

  • 400-445pm (only time option)