COVID-19 Protocols

Triangle was given approval by officials in the Governor's office to reopen for camp programs on Friday, May 22 after a review of Triangle's Pandemic Response and Return-to-Sport Plan. Triangle’s Pandemic Response and Return-to-Sport Plan provides the framework for keeping Triangle's gym safe and protecting athletes and coaching staff by employing appropriate controls, safety protocols, and instituting the guidance of our national, state and local public health officials. This plan was created after thorough research and collaboration with nationally recognized clubs like Michigan Elite, Wave (CA), and VCNebraska and considers the vast public health information provided by the CDC and NC Department of Public Health. Such collaboration also led to Triangle serving as a resource to clubs all over the country in developing action plans to address COVID-19 in a sports setting*.

An important feature of our Wake Competition Center facility that helps minimize the risk of spread of Coronavirus and other contagious diseases is the multi-unit ventilation system. Scientists have established that Coronavirus is highly contagious and transmitted through shared air space. As such, public health officials including the CDC have emphasized the need for highly efficient and effective ventilation in indoor athletic spaces. The large open-span air space in Triangle’s facility is managed by eight large air handlers specifically designed for volleyball/athletic activities and engineered with humidity controls and a high-performance capacity. Our partners at Piedmont Service Group regularly monitor our HVAC equipment to ensure it is operating with maximum air turnover and fresh air intake. In doing so the risk of airborne disease transmission is minimized in our gym.

For Camps/Clinics/Practices and other training programs: PDF icon Return-to-Sport Guide (website) - Sept 2020.pdf

For Events: COVID-19 Event Protocols



TIMELINE of COVID-19 Protocol development:

Effective beginning Monday, November 16, Triangle is requiring that masks be worn at all times in our building. This rule applies to both athletes and coaching staff while idle or actively training/competing. To be clear, this applies to any activity in our gym, which includes but is not limited to team practices, lessons, camps & clinics, FMS testing, PT appointments, etc.

For our full Student-Athlete masking protocol, please view this pdf.


UPDATE: September 1, 2020. Effective Friday, September 4 at 5pm Governor Cooper’s Executive Order #163 Phase 2.5 Extension  will allow traditional fitness-type gyms to reopen and operate at 30% capacity. If that standard (which is one of the most conservative for businesses) is applied to Triangle Volleyball Club it would mean that 250+ people [ca. 32 people/court] would be allowed. We are providing this information for reference purposes only and plan to continue to operate with all our preventative measures and transmission controls in place and continue to control court density at a safe level until the Coronavirus pandemic improves further.

In August 2020, Sherry Fadool, Triangle's Executive Director, was certified in COVID-19 Contact Tracing by Johns Hopkins University in order to ensure Triangle's preparedness to properly response should there be any exposure amongst Triangle staff, athletes, program participants or visitors.