Visitor's Guide | Directions

Triangle is conveniently located in the heart of the triangle (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill). Our gym is at the exciting Wake Competition Center (established January 2019) in Morrisville just south of I-40 off Aviation Parkway.

GYM ADDRESS: 121 Competition Center Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560. Unless otherwise indicated all Triangle events are hosted at this address.






The WCC has ample parking including a large overflow lot. Please only park in designated parking areas and not street-side or in fire lanes or you risk towing.

  • There is a drop-off zone in front of the facility for your convenience. Absolutely no stopping, parking or waiting is allowed in the drop-off zone.
  • NO recreational vehicles (RVs) or tailgating in the WCC parking lots.
  • Tent set up may be allowed in areas of the WCC that don't allow for vehicle traffic.
  • Do not block access to outdoor trash receptacles or risk towing at your expense.
  • Handicapped parking is by permit only provided the individual for whom the permit was issued is in attendance. Parking in handicapped areas without a permit or without the permitted individual with you is subject to a $100-$250 penalty and may result in towing.

Facility Rules/Expectations

We have the authority and will not hesitate to enforce each of our facility policies and the spectator conduct code of the Carolina Region. Ignorance of the rules will not be considered a reason for their violation.

For your safety and the comfort of all our guests, please adhere to the following policies:

    • NO SMOKING OR ALCOHOL is allowed in or around our facilities (within 50'). These policies are also held by USAV/Carolina Region. Immediate expulsion will apply to anyone violating these policies.
    • NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED ON OUR COURTS including spectator designated areas. We have a considerable investment in our courts and expect your respect and full cooperation.
    • We strictly enforce the Carolina Region Participant/Spectator Behavior Policy and we will utilize the CR "Purple Card" to address violations of our policies or that of USAV/Carolina Region. Expulsion is within our authority for those unwilling to comply with our rules or who exhibit unsportsman-like behavior.
    • Our facility will be staffed and ready to open at 8 AM for all Carolina Region Tournaments.
    • Should a person's physical condition or disability require special seating please talk with our gym attendant who will be happy to assist you. We do have an elevator to access the mezzanine level.
    • Authorized staff only in office area and other areas as indicated.
    • Please keep up with your personal belongings, Triangle cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.  Lost & found items are generally stored in the foyer area but only retained for a short time before being donated or disposed of.
    • Please let an attendant know if trash receptacles or restrooms need attention.
    • All children MUST be supervised by a parent or guardian. We do not have a play area designated for non-participant children. Children must not use the elevator unless accompanied by an adult. Children playing in the elevator will be asked to to leave the facility immediately without warning.
    • No ball handling is allowed anywhere in the facility except on court by participants.
    • We have a trainer's room with first aid supplies. Only when indicated will an athletic trainer be available for treating injuries.
    • An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is located in the main hallway.
    • Ice is available for injuries.
    • No fire pits, propane heaters, grills, or other portable heating devices are allowed at the Wake Competition Center.
    • Participants only (players, coaches, officials) in proper athletic footwear on playing surface. This rule applies to shagging balls during warm ups.
    • Water only (no food or sports drinks) allowed on playing surface.
    • Athletes are asked to store bags/backpacks in cubbies on mezzanine level or in designated overflow storage space.
    • No 'boom boxes' or portable speakers are allowed to be used inside the facility unless they are connected to headphones. 'Warm up music' broadcasted from a speaker or sound system is not allowed. 
    • Alcohol possession or consumption is strictly prohibited at all Triangle-hosted events. Anyone found with alcohol will be immediately dismissed from the event along with their athlete.
    • Seating is not provided in our facility. Those wishing to bring a chair can do so but they assume all responsibility and liability associated with leaving chairs unattended especially on the mezzanine area. When chairs are not in use they should be removed from the viewing area and folded up.
    • Tents are allowed on property with the following exceptions:
      • Tents cannot be located in the front of the building.
      • Tents CANNOT occupy any parking spaces, block sidewalk traffic or hinder movement in the parking lots.
      • Tents must be secured. Any damage (cars, etc) or injuries suffered due to tents will be the responsibility of the owner.
    • No food tables or coolers allowed in facility. We do allow participants and spectators to bring in food for their own consumption provided they clean up after themselves and do not take food or beverage on the sport court area. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • No glass containers are allowed inside or around the facility.
    • While there is ample space for our guests we do not allow 'camping' (i.e. blankets on the floor, etc.) for the safety of all our guests. 
    • Unless specified otherwise, all videography will be done from the mezzanine level.
    • All walkways and paths of egress should remain clear at all times.

Athletic Trainer/First Aid

Triangle has contracted an athletic trainer on site for sanctioned tournaments*. The trainer will be located in Triangle's training room (located in the central spine of the building off courts 3 and 6). Those requiring pre-play taping should bring their own tape or plan to pay for tape. 

  • Ice is available free of charge and there are two ice machines located near the training room on both sides of the gym
  • Crutches are available on site to borrow. These items must be returned to Triangle within reasonable time.
  • There is an AED and emergency first aid kit located in the central hall of our facility near the restrooms.

 *the adoption of an adult spectator fee by the Carolina Region Board of Directors has allowed us to provide an athletic trainer for Carolina Region one-day tournaments

Weather-Related Closures/Delays

Should area weather cause a facility closure or delay of Triangle gym activities we will post notice of such on the front page of our website and our social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Please note that in some cases where conditions vary across the area, activities at the gym may be made 'optional' for participants. Regardless of whether and event or activity is cancelled or delayed, families should use their best judgment in these situations as conditions can vary widely across our region.

When weather affects Carolina Region-hosted tournaments at Triangle, we will work with the Carolina Region commissioner to determine if the event should be canceled or delayed. Notification will be on Triangle's website and the Carolina Region website in these cases.

Lodging Near Triangle

Many hotels are located within several miles of Triangle. Triangle has established rates through Team Travel Source at local hotels for teams traveling to the Wake Competition Center - please use the link provided to book your hotels. <TTS HOTEL LINK>*

*NOTE: This hotel link is NOT for Triangle's larger events [City of Oaks Challenge, MAPL Raleigh] for booking hotel rooms. For more information on hotels for those events, please navigate to their tournament pages for more information.

Where to Eat, Shop & Enjoy

  • Our facility is located near many shopping centers which feature numerous retail and restaurant options.
    • The WCC Cafe operated by Tribecca Tavern. Located in the WCC Hockey Center. Open 7 days/week.
    • Rush Hour Karting has a full-service restaurant and is located behind the Gymnastics building. 

Triangle VolleyShop

Our VolleyShop is open during tournament play and has available volleyball shoes, equipment, and apparel.

  • Please see attendant on duty to make purchase(s)
  • We accept cash, checks and credit cards [VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover]
  • Snack and beverage vending machines on site. Operated by Canteen - Triangle cannot service or access these machines.