Summer Friday 4v4s

The Triangle Summer Friday 4v4 tournaments is a competitive opportunity for athletes to experience Triangle with their friends. The Summer 4v4 Tournament offers athletes the chance to register your own teams and participate in a 4v4 tournament with low cost to participate. The registration fee is only $10 per player and is held in conjunction with the final day of the XTEND Camp.


  • BRAND-NEW - Pop-Up THURSDAY 4v4, July 2nd, 1230-330pm
  • Friday, July 10th, 1-4pm
  • BRAND-NEW - Friday, July 24th, 1-4pm
  • Friday, July 31st, 4-7pm
  • BRAND-NEW - Friday, August 14th, 1-4pm

Each individual player must register through Oasys for the event. Please note:
Participants must be in 5th grade or older.
Teams can be of any size but only four (4) will be on court at any time.
Participants are not required to be Triangle members or even volleyball players.
A waiver of liability for all participants is required and is part of the Oasys registration process.
Be prepared to list all members of your team below.
Every team must have at least one female on court at all times.

COST: $10 per player
***Payment options include:  online payment by credit card.


High School (9th - 12th grade)
Middle School (5th - 8th grade)

FORMAT: 4v4 Reverse Co-ed
***Women's height net
***Males must attack from BEHIND the 10' line
***at least one (1) female on the court at all times