Summer Camp Information and Registration


TRIANGLE SUMMER CAMP registration is OPEN and all camps are shown on our Google calendar.

All camps currently available are listed and available for registration in OASYS SPORTS, our registration module.

More camps including POP UPS will be available throughout the summer.


For 20 years Triangle Volleyball has led the Carolinas in success both regionally and nationally.

Athletes of all ages who desire to move to the next level can experience the same nationally-recognized training at Triangle's extensive summer camp offerings.

From beginners just exploring the sport to the most elite athletes, Triangle has something for everyone.

All our offerings can be viewed in our new Oasys Sports Summer Camp website.

Camp Programs can be found under the following categories:

  • Youth Volleyball Program (YVP) - beginner level
  • Classic level - Intermediate
  • Xtreme - Advanced
  • Boys Only
  • Specialty Programs
    • PowerCore 360
    • Setting Academy
    • Defensive Specialist Academy
    • and more

While the majority of our summer camps are posted and open for registration we will continue to release additional high level camps and specialty offerings throughout the summer. Stay tuned to social media for exciting new camps.

We look forward to seeing your athlete at Triangle Summer Camps where you can "Change Your Game!"

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Photo: Triangle 18 Black, Triple Qualified, 18 Open, Final National Ranking - 27th* (

*the highest ranked 18s team in both North and South Carolina


Photo credit: Kirk Philpot


Beginner Camps (Youth Volleyball Program, YVP)

YVP All Skills Camps - These camps teach and train volleyball fundamentals for beginners and those with some introductory experience (recreation leagues, other basic camps and clinics). A wide range of skill levels is acceptable and expected.

YVP Day Camps - YVP Day camp is the perfect solution for track-outs and busy summer schedules. Each YVP Day camp includes YVP All Skills, YVP Basic Attacking, YVP Basic Ball Control, Learn-2-Serve, Games & Play, and many other activities designed to improve physical fitness, volleyball skill, and have FUN. A one-hour supervised lunch break is provided. Campers provide own lunch.

YVP Skill-Specific Clinics - Each camp is designed to develop a basic foundation in a specific volleyball skill.

  • YVP Attacking Basics
  • YVP Ball Control Basics
  • YVP Learn-2-Serve
  • YVP Games and Play

Intermediate Camps (Classic)

Our classic level camps and clinics are perfect for middle & high school boys & girls with volleyball skill training and playing experience

Classic Day Camps - Classic Day camp is the perfect solution for track-outs and busy summer schedules. Each Classic Day camp includes all classic level skill camps, and many other activities designed to improve physical fitness, volleyball skill, and have FUN. A one-hour supervised lunch break is provided. Campers provide own lunch.

Classic Skill-Specific Clinics - Each camp is designed to develop sound fundamentals in a specific volleyball skill.

  • Attacking
  • Dig Your Guts Out (Defense)
  • Jump Serve
  • Serving & Passing
  • Setting
  • Tactical Serving

Classic Position-based Camps - COMING SOON! Classic position-based camps are where athletes are taught and trained in the responsibilities, behaviors, and skills needed for success in a specific position. Using multiple cours and numerous coaching staff, we are able to deliver training to a wide range of levels at each camp. 

Pre-season Middle/High School Prep Camps

Want to be fully prepared for fall tryouts? These popular camps enhance your skills using high repetition training and teach you how to make the most of your high school or middle school team tryout. All skills are covered.*

  • Middle School level
  • High School level

Advanced Camps (Xtreme)

All Xtreme camps require high school and/or club experience on a competitive team. Ages 14 and up ONLY (Special permission for younger advanced players is by approval from Triangle VBC only.) 

Xtreme Skill-Specific Clinics - Each camp is designed to achieve mastery in a specific volleyball skill.

  • Xtreme Defense
  • Xtreme Middle Blocker
  • Xtreme Outside/Right Side Hitter
  • Xtreme Setter

Xtreme Position-Based Camps - COMING SOON!

Specialty Programs (TSA, DSA, PowerCore360)

  • Triangle Setting Academy [TSA] and TSA Advantage

  • Defensive Specialist Academy

  • Powercore 360 [PC360]

    • All PC360 clinics and courses employ technical instruction designed to teach safe and effective attacking using proper hip, torso, and shoulder action.
    • PC360 Level 1.0 is the introductory coures for athletes of varying age and abilities.
    • PC360 Level 2.0 is available to pre-approved athletes who have previously completed PC360 courses.
    • PC360 Live! incorporates PC360 training for position-specific hitters with high level setting provided.

Boys Programs

Many of our programs are co-ed, however, the below programs are designed specifically for the boys game.

  • Boys All Skills Camps - Each all-skills camp covers all six major volleyball skills [serving, passing, hitting, setting, blocking, and digging] and provides participants with the opportunity to practice these skills in a competitive setting. Participants are grouped according to ability when possible.
  • Boys Skills Clinics - Fridays in July and August. Focus on specific skills.