The Unique Triangle Experience

The Triangle Experience is highly regarded as among the best in the nation. The combination of excellent training, on court success, and a unique club culture has earned Triangle a strong reputation as one of the best clubs in the southeast and among the top in the nation. The 2021 season was no exception, even within a pandemic.

FUN FACT: In 2021, Triangle had 5 teams qualify for USAV Junior Nationals including three (3) at the Open level. More than all other North Carolina clubs combined!

Since its founding in 2002, Triangle has established and nurtured a collaborative and supportive club culture. That culture is the foundation of our nationally recognized, consistent and comprehensive club training program which offers Triangle student-athletes the best overall volleyball training in the area. An established club-wide approach to teaching skills affords athletes access to the collective experience of our talented staff, thereby providing athletes with effective training at all positions and competitive levels.

Club Culture

  • The ‘whole person’ education called for by our mission is the foundation of Triangle’s unique club environment that fosters connections across the entire club. Athletes, staff, and parents engage with each other beyond the formal team setting, creating a club culture that supports growth and success for all Triangle members.
  • Triangle seeks and supports diversity and inclusion amongst our coaching staff, athletes and families. We recognize diversity as key to creating a culture that is creative and best able to support education, success and our goal of excellence in sport.
  • Coaches invest in every athlete with the intention to take full advantage of the opportunity that sport provides to develop young people of character and teach life lessons that will serve them well both on and off the court.

Coaching & Consistency

  • Triangle’s coaching tradition is rooted in an educational model that teaches the process of winning. A curriculum-based educational approach to sport across all age and competitive levels supports continuous skill development in our athletes as they advance through Triangle’s program.
  • Triangle coaches have achieved great success on the courts at the highest level of competition including top 15 finishes in Open level national championship, countless open level qualifications, and top 50 national rankings at multiple age levels 13-18s.
  • Triangle has nearly 100 coaches who make delivery on mission their highest priority. Furthermore, to best accomplish individual and team development, each team has a unique and dedicated coaching team.
  • Every Triangle team has an established training cycle which supports both athlete advancement and an appropriate balance between individual skill development, positional competency, and team skills throughout the club season.

Comprehensive - In addition to regular weekly team practices designed to focus on both individual and team skills, athletes will be introduced to additional training and education* on numerous factors that impact overall athletic performance.

  • Competition Training -The substantial talent depth of Triangle teams facilitates high level competition in our gym Regular weekly participation in high-level play is a distinct competitive advantage for many Triangle teams.
  • Position, Tactics & Skill-based* training in both group and clinic-like settings facilitates Triangle athletes developing core capabilities by position and a deeper knowledge of the game.
  • Athlete Health & Wellness Initiatives address the many factors beyond volleyball that affect one’s ability to reach their athletic potential. These items include training in the following areas and much more:
    • Good health, nutrition, and hydration. Active rest & recovery practices.
    • Injury prevention – Triangle has an award-winning injury prevention program that has proven to reduce the overall risk of injury while addressing the early signs of a potential overuse injury. These items include:
    • Orthopedic Subfloor – our gym floor provides our athletes with superior impact reduction, thereby reducing injury risk and fatigue common in other surfaces.
    • Functional Movement Screen™ [FMS]– annual screening and engagement with our FMS support application identifies an athlete’s injury risk and guides their efforts to reduce their injury potential.
    • Trinity Wellness physical therapy [PT] diagnostic and support services are available on-site on a weekly basis during the season. PTs are well-equipped to address athlete concerns regarding injury and injury risk.
  • Recruiting Support Services –Triangle’s dedicated Recruiting Director educates athletes and families on how to effectively navigate and utilize the recruiting tools provided to achieve their goals of playing at the next level. For many advanced level teams Triangle has integrated Sports Recruits services to assist with recruiting.