"Locally Grown" Mini-Tournaments

In response to the continued threat of the Coronavirus, the cancellation of Carolina Region one-day events, and the uncertainty surrounding scheduled intrastate events Triangle is hosting mini-tournaments.

These LOCALLY GROWN "mini" TOURNAMENTS will be small, short (in duration), and safe by employing reduced court density, spectator limitations, formats that minimize the number of teams per court and more.

AGE-LEVELS/DIVISIONS: Generally speaking, we will follow the original Carolina Region one-day event schedule except all events will be held on Saturdays and none on Sundays. We cannot provide court space for any ages on the weekend of February 27-28 due to MAPL Raleigh and Battle of the Bros.

FORMAT: the safest format employed will be four-team pools played on two courts with no work team and no 'off' team. Three (3) matches will be played by each team in the pool. There will be no playoffs/brackets in order to limit team exposure to only the three other teams in the pool. This format can be played in ca. 3-4 hours (depending on breaks). When the incidence of COVID-19 in our area leads to reduced restrictions will other formats be considered. Our facility is able to handle up to three (3) mini-tournaments in one day provided interest exists. NOTE: given the format described above the field will be made up of teams in multiples of four (2). Our target field size is 12 which will utilize six of eight courts in our facility.

SCHEDULE: Unfortunately, the very fluid COVID-19 situation often impacts team participation in the days leading up to each event. We will release schedules no later than noon on the Thursday prior to the event. We appreciate your patience. 

TEAM CHECK-IN: teams needs to be fully assembled (either on sidewalk or waiting in cars) prior to entering building. Coaches will need to present our TEAM WELLNESS FORM with information gathered that morning.

SPECTATORS: effective December 8, 2020 the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services [NCDHHS] modified the Interim Guidance for Administrators and Participants of Youth and Amateur Youth Sports Programs to severely restrict spectators in indoor facilities. On Friday, February 26th the Governor announced relaxation of restrictions, however, we are unable to successfully accommodate spectators at Triangle's facility with the exception of ONE (1) team videographer per team.

TEAM VIDEOGRAPHER: we recognize some teams require video footage for match analysis and/or recruiting purposes. For that reason each team will be allowed to bring one (1) videographer to the event*. This person must abide by all facility rules and cannot be someone different for each match. *In the case where Triangle has arranged for live-streaming at the event, there will not be sufficient internet band-width to support team live-streaming by their videographer.

SANCTION: we expect all events to be USAV sanctioned. Verified rosters from Sports Engine will be required.

AWARDS & RECOGNITION: we will not be providing awards at mini-tournaments

ENTRY FEE: $100 per team for each event

HOW TO ENTER: we seek to include teams that share a priority for safety and sportsmanlike competition. If you are interested in competing contact Jenna.Hinton@trianglevolleyball.org or info@trianglevolleyball.org and be sure to include Club Name, Team Name, age-level, dates of play. These events are NOT open entry and are based on availability and COVID-19 protocols.

LIVE STREAMING: will be available. Charges may apply.

GYM USE/OPERATION: General Facility Layout for "Locally Grown Mini-Tournaments - While every tournament may not fit with this layout this is our goal for each event. A four-team pool will be played on two courts in a specific area of the gym (like colors indicate the courts used by each pool). Two courts (#3 and #6) will remain open to create a buffer between the pools.

PANDEMIC [COVID-19] EVENT OPERATIONS GUIDE: We will incorporate all local, state, and national [CDC] guidance as it relates to indoor event operations. A COVID-19 screening protocol will be employed for all participants. Details can be found HERE.

2021 Schedule/Results

DATE AGES (all are junior girls' unless specified) RESULTS
Jan. 23rd 14U, 15U, Boys 16-18U GIRLS | BOYS
Jan. 30th 12U, 13U  WAVE 1 | WAVE 2
Jan. 31st 13U-18U [National-level only]  WAVE 1 | WAVE 2
Feb. 6th 14U, 15U WAVE 1
Feb. 13th 12U, 13U, 16U WAVE 1
March 6th 14U, 15U WAVE 1
March 13th 12U, 13U, 16U WAVE 1
March 20th 14U, 15U WAVE 1
March 27th 12U, 13U, 16U WAVE 1 & WAVE 2