MAPL Team Information

Day 1 Waves

WEEK 1 (MARCH 2-3) - Raleigh Convention Center

  • Boys 14U (One-Day): AM
  • Boys 15U/16U: AM* (*1 3-team pool will play in an afternoon wave, likely 1pm start)
  • Boys 17U/18U: PM
  • Girls RED Division (13-14U): PM
  • Girls BLUE Division (14-16U): AM 

WEEK 2 (MARCH 23-24) - Triangle Volleyball Club at the Wake Competition Center

  • Girls BLACK Division (16-18U): Split AM/PM  


AES Schedule will be posted week of event


Step 1: ONLINE AES CHECK-IN. Rosters must be updated and verified in AES prior to completion of check-in.

Roster details include:

  • No age waivered players are allowed on any roster including boys’ teams.
  • All rosters must be VERIFIED per Sports Engine/USAV requirements.
  • Emergency roster changes will be taken on site but will delay the entire team from getting to their court so make sure rosters are accurate.

Step 2: Physical Check-In on site 

  • WEEK 1 - not needed
  • ​WEEK 2 ONLY: onsite at Triangle beginning at 7am Saturday

MAPL Team Acceptance: MAPL Raleigh is NOT an open entry tournament where team acceptance is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Alternatively, acceptance criteria is based on team performance relative to strength of field and rests strongly on performance history and strength of a teams' competition schedule.

MAPL Raleigh tournament registration OPENS: October 9th at 10am. 


  • PENDING - upon registration and until acceptance decisions are made teams will be listed as 'PENDING'.
  • ACCEPTED - once the MAPL Competition Committee determines the field, accepted teams into the event field will be listed as 'ACCEPTED'.
  • WAITLISTED - teams not accepted will be moved to a 'WAITLISTED' status once the tournament field is complete. The only way a 'waitlisted' team will play in the event is if a team drops and they are the next team on the list to be accepted. Teams may opt to NOT be waitlisted by notifying the committee and withdrawing from the event. They will not forfeit their entry fee is they withdraw from a 'waitlisted' status.

BATTLE OF THE BROS TEAM ACCEPTANCE: Payment is required to secure tournament entry.  Checks should be payable to 'Triangle Volleyball Club' and will not be cashed until a team is 'accepted' into this event.  Teams accepted on a first-come, first-served basis once registration and payment is received. Refunds will not be given once a team has been accepted.


For the purposes of MAPL Raleigh/Battle of the Bros we have consider the AES rankings along with head-to-head results among those in our field. To the extent possible when head-to-head results were not available, we took a further step to check for common opponents. Once AES generates first-round pools and the 'seed check' we will tweak seeding to avoid club vs. club matchups whenever possible. If you are playing in events that use other tournament management software (Sportwrench, TM2Sign, etcl) be sure to enter your results in AES no less than 2 weeks prior to the event. 


Teams are permitted to register for the event without rosters. However, in order to ensure that coaches, team representatives, etc. receive vital tournament information via AES email it is imperative that rosters be loaded into AES as soon as possible.

Roster details include: 

  • No age waivered players are allowed on any roster including boys’ teams.                   
  • A maximum of 15 verified athletes are allowed on rosters
  • All athletes listed on the roster must have a birthdate and uniform number listed.
  • A valid background screening and SafeSport certification must be completed for all adult staff members.
  • There is a maximum of 3 staff members per team and cell phone numbers are required for each coach
  • Head and assistant coaches must have completed IMPACT certification. **Region exceptions do NOT apply.
  • An IMPACT certified coach, listed on the roster, must be present on the bench at all times. 
  • Team Representatives and Chaperones are not considered team staff and will not be granted complimentary entry into the event.
  • Club Directors not on a team roster can request complimentary event entry by emailing


Teams play in mixed age divisions:

  • MAPL BLACK [16-18's Girls']
  • MAPL BLUE [14-16's Girls']
  • MAPL RED [13-14's Girls']
  • Boys 14U (one day only)
  • Boys 15-16s
  • Boys 17-18s
  • Pool Play on Saturday are four-team pools
  • Teams are guaranteed a minimum of 2 matches on Sunday
  • Tie-breakers: In all cases 3-way ties will be decided by set percentage first, followed by point percentage second. Should that still cause a tie, a coin-toss will be used. NO tiebreakers will be played due to time and buffer requirements.


MAPL Raleigh is NOT a Stay-to-Play event*. MAPL Raleigh does NOT require teams to book with a specific agency. In an effort to assist teams with their travel to Raleigh, Triangle Volleyball Club has partnered with Team Travel Source to secure hotel room blocks at reduced rates for tournament participants. Hotel link will be provided closer to event.


MAPL Raleigh Officials are all certified and assigned by the Carolina Region/USAV and the Officials Accelerated Advancement Program (OAAP).

Coach Conduct - In the spirit of good sportsmanship and our role as adults to serve as proper role models for our youth we will simply not tolerate coach misconduct at our event. Actions like berating officials, work teams, tournament staff, athletes (your own or the opposing team) and any other behaviors that negatively impact the competitive experience for our participants and their guests will be grounds for removal from the event.