MAPL Raleigh COVID-19 News

COVID-19 Protocols Update 2/8/21: Our initial Pandemic Operations guide was approved in October of 2020, allowing us to officially begin preparations to host large events at the Raleigh Convention Center. Since that time, much has changed and we have new health guidance and protocols to follow. In addition, the RCC and the City of Raleigh retain oversight over operation of our event, and must give final approval for any policies implemented. 
Therefore, our final COVID-19 protocols for the RCC will be released no later than two weeks prior to the event in order to be compliant with the latest guidance from public health and government officials. Thank you for your patience and adherence to our protocols in advance as we all work to have a safe, competitive and exciting event. The protocols in place at Triangle’s Wake Competition Center facility were implemented in May 2020. There have been numerous revisions and enhancements. The most current are available on our website.