Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1. Club Volleyball General Information

Junior club volleyball is a nationwide junior volleyball system comprised of individual clubs organized under one of several parent organizations [USA Volleyball, AAU, JVA, etc] for the primary purpose of teaching, growing and supporting the sport. Generally, club volleyball offers participants the opportunity to continue to compete and develop skills well beyond the relatively short middle school and high school seasons. 

Club volleyball programs, literally and figuratively, come in many different shapes and sizes in terms of programming, administration, benefits provided, etc. Some organizations serve a small niche (e.g., low commitment developmental, high commitment competitive, and everything in-between). Some organizations, like Triangle, commit to providing a wide-range of competitive opportunities for its participants. 

Triangle Volleyball Club is a member of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), Carolina Region of USA Volleyball (USAV), American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA), National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS), and Junior Volleyball Association (JVA).

The 'club season' runs from November through June/July of the following year [ca. 7months]. Triangle teams begin training in late November after tryouts are complete. Triangle teams will begin tournament competition in January. Triangle Regional and Regional Plus teams compete through mid-April depending on age-level. Triangle National teams compete through the AAU National Championships (Orlando, FL) in mid/late June and/or USA Junior National Volleyball Championships (location TBD annually) in late June/early July, if qualified.

2019/2020 Season: Eligibility/age level is determined by our governing body, USA Volleyball [USAV], and, simply stated, it is based on the age your child will be on September 1, 2020.

18 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2001 OR players who were born on or after September 1, 2000 and a high school student in the twelfth (12th) grade or below during some part of the current academic year.

17 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2002

16 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2003 

15 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2004 

14 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2005 

13 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2006

12 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2007

11 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2008

NOTE: Once a player participates in a club-level or varsity program for any university or college they are ineligible to play in any USAV or AAU qualifying and championship events.

While student-athletes may not play at a lower age level than their eligibility they may be able to play at an older age level. Triangle finds value in keeping student-athletes in their age level, however, we will consider peer group issues (i.e. a 9th grader whose USAV age level is 14’s] and advanced skills when making final team placements. Generally speaking, “playing up” (i.e. a USAV 14s in 8th grade actually playing 15s) is not a common practice at Triangle with teams above 12 & under.

Yes. Often times our 11s and 12s teams are comprised of younger student-athletes as there is a wide range of athletic ability and skill in younger athletes. In the past there have been athletes as young as 8 years old on Triangle 11 & under teams.

Three primary factors to consider are: training, competition and the quality of the organization's operations. Triangle’s formula for success on the court is the direct result of a consistent, comprehensive, and progressive training program led by talented and experienced coaches. Through appropriate competition we challenge and test our teams to allow them collectively and individually reach their potential. The history of our competition schedule (location, difficulty of field, quality) is indicative of our commitment to seek the highest level of competition. 

Finally, our organization is highly developed. we treat our athletes and their families in a consistent manner regardless of their team placement. With great intention we aim to deliver a high quality and unmatched youth sports experience. It is why so many athletes return year-after-year to Triangle. Our class of 2019 had, on average, nearly 5 years of Triangle service.

Section 2. Triangle General Information

Triangle Volleyball Club’s mission is to "educate the whole person through excellence in the sport of volleyball." We are also committed, in visible and meaningful ways, to growing volleyball in North Carolina. It is our 'whole person' approach to sport that has garnered us national accolades, respect and a strong reputation. We believe sport offers the unique opportunity to develop young people of character when parents, coaches, and athletes all work together to create a positive and supportive environment.

Triangle was founded in 2002 by three educators and volleyball coaches, and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Quite a bit! Since club volleyball is a commitment of both time and money for the student-athlete and their family it is important to learn as much as possible about club opportunities prior to tryouts. To assist you in this process we encourage you to take full advantage of our CLUB/TRYOUT PARENT INFORMATION SESSIONS and our FALL PROGRAMMING. These are great opportunities for you to begin to get to know our organization and staff.


Our mission is the guidepost for Triangle and the volleyball court serves as our classroom. In everything we do, we teach lessons of character, discipline, respect, responsibility, accountability, commitment, leadership, work ethic, teamwork, courage, integrity, communication, cooperation, and the importance of sacrifice and sportsmanship. We firmly believe that, if done properly, athletics is a tremendous domain for training and preparing young people to succeed in life.

Triangle's leadership and staff are committed to 'doing youth sports right." We value integrity and transparency in the tryout and team selection process. We do not engage in tactics that serve to manipulate, coerce, or disadvantage athletes in the tryout process.


Triangle Volleyball Club was founded in 2002 by three professional educators, who had experience and success as collegiate-level players and coaches. Triangle’s administrative team of volleyball professionals are considered among the best in the country. Administrative offices are located on site in Triangle’s gym allowing the entire administrative staff to actively engage with members, families and guests.

An esteemed Board of Directors is comprised of volleyball and business professionals from within the Triangle community and beyond. The Board of Directors is charged with ensuring organizational and financial stability, sustainability, and continuity of mission and operations.


The continuing fulfillment of our mission is due, in large part, to our recruitment, retention, and development of experienced, well-trained coaches, a consistent coaching style and curriculum implemented club-wide, and an atmosphere of support and collaboration among all of our coaches, student-athletes and families. Many of our staff are nationally recognized and you won’t find a better collection of volleyball educators anywhere in North Carolina.


Triangle's commitment to providing an exception youth sports experience was evident in 2006 when Triangle opened the first ever dedicated volleyball facility in North Carolina. In December of 2018 Triangle once again made the bold move to build a state-of-the-art training and competition center located in the new Wake Competition Center (WCC). Located in Morrisville just south of I-40 off Aviation Parkway (a few miles from Triangle’s previous location). Triangle’s WCC facility is 48,000 SF with eight (8) oversized indoor competition courts built on an orthopedic subfloor, three (3) outdoor sand courts, a dedicated and enclosed strength and conditioning center, classrooms, spectator viewing mezzanine and ample parking. The WCC properly positions Triangle to fulfill its mission and commitment to develop the most capable and successful volleyball athletes and continue to grow volleyball in North Carolina.

MORE on our orthopedic subfloor...the prevention of injury is an essential component of truly comprehensive sports program. Triangle demonstrates this commitment in numerous ways, but most visibly through its investment providing a training/playing surface that gives the maximum impact protection for its athletes. The NeoShok™ technology incorporated in Triangle's orthopedic subfloor under the beautiful new SnapSports® 50-50™ modular flooring provides the safest playing surface in the country.


Triangle’s award winning consistent and comprehensive training program has proven to prepare athletes for every level of collegiate participation including national championship Division 1 levels. Our training considers all factors that affect athletic performance including a visible and intentional emplasis on injury prevention. In 2018, Triangle received the National Council of Youth Sports S.T.R.I.V.E. award for its injury prevention initiatives. This level of recognition firmly places Triangle among the very best youth sports organizations in the country.

We offer consistent coaching and a club-wide training curriculum which helps to ensure that Triangle student-athletes continue to develop and progress in skill level throughout their years of competitive volleyball. Triangle’s comprehensive training program includes a compilation of educational initiatives which take place outside the skill and team-based training that occurs on court for our student-athletes. Experts in the fields of health, nutrition, injury prevention, mental toughness along with programs addressing effective recruiting, parent involvement, leadership, address the myriad of factors that affect overall athletic performance.

Additionally, Triangle offers supplemental training opportunities through skills-based and topic-based programs such as TSA (Triangle Setting Academy), PACT (Power, Agility, and Core Training), PowerCore 360®, and our year-round camp and clinic series, which includes our highly-successful summer camp program.


Without question Triangle is the most successful and nationally recognized club program in the history of North Carolina junior club volleyball. In the past 17 years Triangle Volleyball Club has realized tremendous achievement both on and off the court, and has time and again set the bar for the Carolina Region with 44 regional championships and 61 appearances at the USAV Junior National Championships. Our alumni are, in-part, testament to our success. They are currently competing at colleges and universities around the country and have proven themselves well-prepared to achieve next-level success. We have had five (5) players participate on USA National teams and one olympian. Their ability to participate in sport at the absolutely highest levels demonstrate the effectiveness and respect of Triangle's training. 

Triangle is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization in full compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. We take seriously our non-profit status and recognize that, while it engenders the kind of community of support and shared vision we desire in our club, it also requires us to demonstrate a level of excellence in our financial operations. We are governed by an esteemed Board of Directors and hold regular meetings to address both long-term strategy and financial operations. Fiscal responsibility and transparency are highly regarded and demonstrated by both the Board of Directors and club administration. We file annually all required tax documents, withholding information, and maintain all Department of Revenue licensures and registrations. Good accounting practices and sound fiscal management are verified by an annual review conducted by an independent accounting firm. In addition to USA Volleyball provided insurance we have full liability coverage for all activities in our gym for our staff, volunteers, and participants. 

It is truly important given the commitment of time and finances required by club volleyball to make an informed club decision. At Triangle we offer numerous avenues to learn about our mission, program and the many elements that contribute to the total club experience. We encourage parents and athletes to take the following steps to better get to know Triangle and the differences from other area clubs that has led to Triangle being the most successful club in NC.

  • Parents: be sure to attend a Pre-Tryout Parent Information Meeting
  • Bring your athlete to experience our gym, training, and meet our coaches during one or more of our FREE Fall Programming opportunities
  • Make sure to read 'Joining Triangle' to learn about our tryout philosophy, the process we use and the way we handle team selection. 

NOTE: Triangle's administration and staff are committed to providing each and every athlete (and their parent) interested in learning more about Triangle, our mission, staff, and history of excellence a truly "open" opportunity to experience our unique gym culture prior to tryouts. In consideration of this commitment and for reasons relating to tryout and team selecton integrity and transparency Triangle does not engage in "INVITE ONLY" Open Gyms. 

We recognize that beach volleyball is growing in popularity across the country. It was this recognition that led to Triangle installing three (3) outdoor sand courts at our new facility. We expect to provide the athlete who has a dual interest in indoor and sand an integrated experience all on one site.

For Triangle athletes who participate in beach at other area sand programs we do have the expectation that Triangle indoor club activities [practices, competitions, etc.] take precedence over high school and club beach activities.

Section 3. Triangle Staff, Coaching Philosophy and Training

Triangle Volleyball Club seeks quality people who share a passion for our mission and a true care and concern for our student-athletes and their colleagues. With that in mind we recruit, hire, train, and retain the most experienced and committed coaches available. Regardless of a coaches experience and training, we provide both supplemental training and mentorship for all coaches.

In the end Triangle has assembled a truly talented, knowledgeable and dedicated staff  to be responsible for the guidance of our student-athletes. Triangle Volleyball Club continues to be fortunate to have a coaching staff that rivals the staff of any other club in the nation. Please visit our website for more information on our coaching staff.

YES! Every team minimally has a head and assistant coach assigned specifically to that team and not burdened with other coaching responsibilities. In addition, we have lead position coaches and resource coaches who contribute to the training of all teams allowing every athlete to interact with and benefit from the collective experience of our coaching staff.

It is important to note that when a team travels a head and assistant coach will be present to coach and support the team.

Every element of our training program is based on an educational model which allows Triangle student-athletes to progress through fundamentals to elite-level skill development and gain comprehensive knowledge of the game. Triangle’s fundamental style of play is ball control and serves as the basis for the majority of our training. This building block approach ensures that student-athlete's receive consistent skill training and development throughout the season and their years with Triangle. Furthermore, a specific “training cycle” for each team level allows coaches to address both individual skill development and team tactical development relative to the competition schedule of our teams.

Within team practices athletes will also be exposed to position-based and competition training. At ages 13 and up both setters and middle blockers receive additional position-based training prior to the start of regular weekday team practices.

Additional training components are delivered outside of the regular weekday practices for many of our teams. These sessions will occur on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and are scheduled well in advance. Athlete participation in these sessions is mandatory. This training can take one of three forms:

  • Group Positional Training-designed for athletes to achieve core positional competencies. Lead position coaches who are exceptionally trained and knowledgeable at their specific position direct this training. With multiple teams in the gym, position training gives cross team training and allows student-athletes to work with other athletes at their same position.
  • Competition Training-intra-club competition days that allow teams and coaches to focus on specific aspects and strategies of the game. Triangle’s competitive and collaborative atmosphere allow players and coaches to make significant strides during these competition sessions that they otherwise would no have until tournament play. It is a fundamental advantage of Triangle's competitive depth that in-house competition provides superior preparedness for competitive tournament play.
  • Tactics-group and team training that addresses areas such as communication on the court, offensive systems, defensive systems, and how to gain competitive advantage. TACTICS sessions are designed to drive greater team performance.

In addition to team training in a normal practice environment, Triangle offers numerous educational initiatives which take place outside the skill and team-based training that occurs on court for our student-athletes. Focusing on important issues such as health, nutrition, injury prevention, mental toughness, effective recruiting, parent involvement, leadership, and more uniquely prepares the Triangle student-athlete to compete at the highest level and achieve success both on and off the court. Simply put, our training program is comprehensive and addresses all important aspects of athletic performance.

PACT [Power, Agility, Core Training] is our strength and conditioning program and is designed to educate student-athletes on the importance of fitness, proper fundamental movement and mobility, strength, conditioning, and flexibility in preventing injury and achieving the performance standards necessary to excel in the sport of volleyball. PACT serves to introduce and reinforce these key elements and the proper techniques in order to deliver a comprehensive training program. PACT occurs 1-2 times per week during normal weekday practices.

Our gym practice schedule for our teams is designed to take superior advantage of our training facility, the expertise of our staff, and the depth of talent on our teams. Intra-club competition training is an essential element of team training allowing coaches to focus on specific aspects and strategies of the game. Competition training sessions as well as play during regular weekday practices provide numerous opportunities for this beneficial training.

Given the wide range of age and competitive level it is impossible to have a single club-wide philosophy on playing time.

The positional nature of volleyball as a sport does not lend itself to the concept of 'equal' playing time. Furthermore, our experience has shown that the concept of ‘fair’ playing time has a different meaning for coaches, parents, and athletes. These disparate views on what constitutes ‘fair’ playing time are the most common source of athlete and/or parent frustration in youth sports.In the end, the playing time philosophy employed by our coaching staff will depend on the age level of the team and the competitive level.

It is important to note that it is one of a coach's greatest challenges to attempt to balance the dual interests of distributing playing time fairly on the individual level and achieving the goals and objective of the team as a whole.

Triangle takes seriously the professional development of its coaching staff. We support advanced certification and training for our coaches and provide substantial mentoring and training. Beyond IMPACT certification our coaches receive training on skill development, game strategy, leadership development, health and nutrition, injury prevention, and more.

Section 4. Triangle Team Information

Regional teams primarily compete in regional* [NC] and local tournaments held generally every other weekend (beginning in January) throughout the Carolina Region [state of North Carolina].

Regional Plus teams have the same length of season as Regional teams but also get the additional experience of competing in at least one travel tournament.

National teams have a schedule that provides competition against many of the top clubs in the country. Since Triangle hosts two very popular and highly competitive inter-regional events we can fortunately experience some high level competition locally. However, most competitive events for National teams involve travel outside of North Carolina. The actual tournament schedule and location of events varies each year but is determined in advance of the season.

*Note: ultimately, tournament location for regional tournaments is determined by Carolina Region and is beyond Triangle’s control

To better understand the differences in offering and cost, please check our age-level program guides (available October 1st) for Triangle teams

Our tryout registration module asks parents to indicate their athlete's team-type [Regional, Regional-Plus, National] preference. However, an athlete’s tryout will determine which team offer is extended. If our tryout and team selection process sees a fit which differs from the level you expressed interest in we generally will contact you. In its most basic state, our tryout and team selection process is designed to work with families to determine best “fit”.

The majority of teams will have 10 players per team and that is our goal. Team size may fluctuate slightly on a case-by-case basis but will be between 9 and 11 for most teams.

Possibly, it depends on a variety of factors. If this is your situation we suggest you bring this to our attention early in the tryout process.

Although our governing body, USAV/Carolina Region does allow co-ed play at some ages, we do not at Triangle since we offer both girls' and boys' competitive club programs.

Yes, many Triangle student-athletes participate in more than one sport (or other activity), especially in the younger age divisions. Generally, as athletes advance to higher levels of competition, we see fewer participating in multiple sports. 

Our tryout registration module asks prospective student-athletes if they intend to participate in additional sports or activities that may conflict with Triangle team activities. Note that while an athlete’s participation in other sports/activities during the club season will not be a determining factor on whether or not a student-athlete is made an offer to play on a Triangle team. It may, however, be a consideration for selection/placement on our most competitive teams.

Generally speaking all Triangle teams practice two (2) times per week with competition and/or specialized training scheduled as needed throughout the season. In some cases, especially when flights are involved in travel, competition schedules may cause teams to only have one practice in a week. Only when practical with a Friday or Sunday training day be on the schedule. All regular practices and those anticipated due to travel are published on our club calendar at the start of the season. Changes are rare and athlete participation is expected.

All Triangle teams practice in Triangle’s own dedicated facility at the Wake Competition Center, 121 Competition Center Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560.

Yes, there is a specific weekday practice schedule for each team. Some additional training will occur on alternative days as shown on the team’s schedule on our website google calendar. Every team’s practice schedule will be specified in our age-level program guides.

Please check our age-level program guides (available October 1) for more specific information

Triangle introduced boys' teams in 2014 with the introduction of an 18U boys team. In 2016 a 14U team was also started and in 2018 a 16s team was added. As boys develops in NC we take a flexible approach to season planning. Those interested in boys should attend Boys' Open Gyms and their parent/guardian should attend our Boys' Club/Tryout Parent Info session prior to the late October/early November tryout date.

Pre-registration for tryouts is strongly recommended.

Section 5. Tournament Information and Travel

There are two (2) basic types of tournaments, regional/local-based and those involving travel outside of NC. Regional/local tournaments are held in North Carolina and are typically against other North Carolina teams with some exceptions. Travel tournaments are those events, for the most part, located outside of the Carolina Region and are against a broader field of competition including teams from other states. Depending on team level [National, Regional, Regional Plus] teams will have a mix of tournament types on their competition schedule.

Triangle typically participates in the following types of travel* tournaments:

  1. Inter-Regional Tournaments are multi-day events (2 or 3 days) like the City of Oaks Challenge*, Battle of the Bros*, Mid-Atlantic Power League [MAPL] events, Capitol Hill Classic in Washington, DC., Triple Crown Sports NIT, and more.
  2. National Qualifiers-These are three-day USA Volleyball qualifying events located throughout the country where teams seek bids to USAV Junior National Championships.
  3. National Championships-Every Triangle national-level team will attend a national championship event. It will either be the AAU Jr. Nationals in Orlando or the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships (held at a different site each year). AAU Jr. Nationals is 'open-entry' meaning acceptance relies on registration and payment of entry fee only. However, acceptance into USAV Junior Nationals requires teams to earn a qualifying bid.

*Three inter-regional events, City of Oaks Challenge, MAPL Raleigh and Battle of the Bros are held in Raleigh (and hosted by Triangle). These provide exceptional inter-regional competition without the added expense and complicaton of travel. Note that for these three events, regardless where the athlete resides, no travel arrangements are provided by Triangle.

To some extent this will depend on the age of the team and program level. Regional/local tournaments are scheduled basically every other weekend from January until late-March/early-April.

Travel tournaments outside the Carolina region, are an essential component of our teams’ competitive experience. The tournament hosts determine the schedule of these events and varies year-to-year. As such we have no control over the travel schedule and must simply select the best tournaments for each team to attend based on schedule, anticipated costs and competitiveness. As a general guideline, Triangle national teams compete in one in-state and one out-of-state tournament each month.

Most of our National teams will travel in the southeast, however there are exceptions for our most competitive teams. For example, in 2019 our teams attended tournaments in Atlanta, Hampton Roads, VA, Orlando, Washington, DC and as far away as Kansas City, Indianapolis, Columbus, and Philadelphia.

School schedule impact: Teams which travel to National Qualifying events and other 3-day events can expect to miss up to 1-1½ days of school for each of these events (most teams will only travel to two or three such events).

Our team travel policies have athletes on13s teams and higher lodging together on travel trips. We have found that this is preferred as many things (finances, work schedule, other children's activities, etc.) impact a parent's ability to attend every day of an extended travel trip. By tending to all the travel-related needs of our athletes we can leave the decision as to whether or not a parent(s) attends a travel trip up to each individual.

Furthermore, Triangle Travel Services often times is able to assist parents with travel arrangements.

Note, with the exception of our boys', 12s girls' teams and our 13s girls' teams who are attending AAU National championships as an “AAU team”, student-athletes share a room with their teammates on travel trips and not their parent(s).

Yes! Triangle Travel Services and overall travel program provides for the supervision and all services (transportation, lodging, meals, snacks and incidentals) required by our student-athletes (junior girls' 13s and older) and coaches in attendance. While parents and families are welcome to attend travel trips we recognize that family obligations, work schedules, and financial considerations can oftentimes make this impossible. For these reasons, Triangle provides a travel program that is comprehensive and affords families a choice as to whether they attend travel tournaments, attend for less than the entire trip, or not attend at all.

We strongly believe in the concept of TEAM and the role that each and every team member plays in team success. Without question the team is strongest only when all members are present and absences should be avoided if at all possible.

That being said, our philosophy is to achieve an appropriate balance between family, academic, and athletic activities. Unavoidable scheduling conflicts are addressed on a case-by-case basis. It is imperative that student-athletes inform the Club of such conflicts well in advance if alternative arrangements are to be made.

Section 6. Tryout Information

The number of teams that Triangle fields each season is mission-driven meaning that we will only field the number of teams that we can fully support. For the 2020 season we have sufficient facilities, administrative support, and staff in place to field approximately 34 teams (Boys and Girls).

We are a mission-driven organization and believe it imperative that our efforts be directed at fulfilling all aspects of our mission. With this in mind, we field as many complete teams as gym space and staff capabilities allow.

It is worth noting that our tryouts are highly attended and competitive so not every tryout participant will receive an offer to play on a Triangle team.

The Carolina Region Recruiting Guideline,  Athlete/Club Bill of Rights and Letter of Commitment are documents designed to protect both the club and the student-athlete from misrepresentation by either party during the tryout season. Due to the binding nature of the Letter of Commitment, whether signed in person or electronically, student-athletes and their families should be certain they have explored all their club options and made their final decision before signing this document with a particular club.

Note that, while the Carolina Region will not intervene is cases where offers are verbally accepted, most area clubs regard a verbal acceptance as binding including Triangle.

Every year the Carolina region establishes signing dates for each tryout period [11-14s and 15-18s]. The intent of the signing date is to give clubs and student-athletes an appropriate and fair time-frame to attend tryouts and make an informed club decision. It is unfair and against the policies of the Carolina Region for any club to pressure and/or require that a student-athlete commit prior to the established signing date.

2020 season signing dates:

  • October 31, 2019 at 6pm: 11-14s age groups
  • November 14, 2019 at 6pm: 15-18s age groups
  • There is no signing date established for boys

Carolina Region guideline: "Clubs must hold an offer open to a player to join a particular team in the club or the club in general until the respective age group signing date. If a player commits by the signing date, clubs must honor their commitment or the club may be considered to have violated the RVA/USAV Code of Conduct. Players may voluntarily commit to a club at any time following the club’s tryouts but should not be pressured to do so."

All too common pressure-tactics in our area:

  • Not calling an offer an offer. Saying things like 'we'd like you to be on this team but understand if you are not ready to commit, let us know if you do want to but for now we are going to keep looking for a player like you.'
  • Comments indicating that the offer may not be available if they don't accept immediately.
  • Offering financial assistance and claiming that the signing dates don't apply if financial assistance is involved.
  • Asking for a non-refundable deposit in advance of signing dates.
  • Making team selection decisions at 'invite only' open gyms and saying that if the offer isn't accepted they may find someone different for the spot.

Every year we hear from dozens of parents about manipulation and coercion by clubs. Any tactics such as this should be reported immediately to the Carolina Region for review. Note that the athlete and their family is totally protected in the investigative process of tryout misbehavior by club coaches and administrators. The clubs engaging in such behavior rely on tryout candidates and their families NOT reporting their manipulative techniques out of fear of retribution. The reality is that clubs that engage in such tactics are open to sanction (either as a club or an individual in a club) which will very negatively affect many more athletes. The only way this will ever stop is by reporting it promptly.

Our tryout registration is an online process and opens each year on October 1st. You can access the link on our website on the tryout page.

It is imperative that athletes be registered and paid in advance for tryouts. Walk-ins have proven to cause the athlete considerable stress as registration needs have to be addressed on site delaying their tryout start. To best prepare your athlete for tryouts please take care of this important step in advance.

While we don't have any policy preventing parents from observing our tryouts we are restricting parent viewing to our mezzanine level which is standing room only.

We will have our bleachers raised to create as much open space as possible for athletes to transition from court-to-court.

With this in mind we ask that you make sure your athlete is prepared appropriately for tryouts with a water bottle and any other needs they may have so you are not needing to assist them in any way.

At Triangle, one of our tryout mantras is that we offer a “no pressure” atmosphere. While every club would love athletes to immediately and excitedly accept their offer on the spot, we place no higher priority than the well-being of the student-athlete and strictly adhere to the tryout policies set forth by the Carolina region which disallow clubs from using any and all 'pressure tactics.'

We promise to conduct our tryouts with the utmost integrity. We offer one athlete per roster spot on our teams and when you receive an offer from Triangle, that offer stands and is available for consideration until the Carolina Region established “Signing Date/Time”. This will allow the student-athlete and their family to have sufficient time and opportunity to weigh all factors in the club decision making process. With that in mind, we do request that families respond to their Triangle offer as soon as they know of their decision to expedite the team selection process for all athletes in the tryout process.

*Note that we do NOT offer more than one athlete a specific roster position on our teams.

We are aware that the recommended Carolina Region tryout schedules will require some student-athletes to tryout during their school season. Please understand this situation is unavoidable for Triangle and other clubs. Fortunately, our multiple-session tryout format gives us the flexibility necessary to accommodate student-athletes in this circumstance. Please let us know this is the case in your tryout registration if this is your situation and feel free to contact us if needed.

We deal with this situation nearly every tryout season. Please let us know if this is the case with your athlete as we recognize that illness and injuries often happen. Trust that we will appropriately address each situation on a case-by-case basis. A few things worth mentioning:

  • Athletes under concussion protocol should NOT attend tryouts. The environment is typically too stimulating.
  • Athletes who are ill should refrain from coming to avoid transmission of air-born viruses and bacteria. Your athlete will likely not show their best potential if trying out sick.

Section 7. Triangle Fees and Payment Schedules

Cost is the most common comparator families use when making their club decision. We encourage families to dig deep into the details of each area club’s fees; what is covered and more importantly, what is not, in order to compare actual costs. Triangle has consistently provided the best value in club volleyball in the area as we use a cost-based model to build our club fees (it is not a 'profit center' for our club) and provide families with a very clear picture of the cost of playing at Triangle in our pre-tryout program guides.

There are three (3) cost components that determine the total cost to play club volleyball at Triangle:

  1. Dues are a fixed cost (established October 1 and payable over the course of the season). Dues cover all costs associated with team training which include but are not limited to coach salaries, court (gym) training time, tournament entry fees, administrative costs, etc. In its seventeen-year history Triangle has NEVER had a dues increase or added assessment during the course of the season.
  2. Uniforms a uniform package is established each year. Whenever possible, minimal changes are made each year to save returning families money. The cost of a student-athlete’s uniform package in any given year will depend on age, team level, and whether or not the athlete is a returning Triangle athlete.
  3. Travel costs are estimated for each trip prior to the start of the season and payable, along with dues, in equal payments throughout the season. Travel costs are actual travel expenses…period. Every trip is fully reconciled and families are returned any overage or billed for any cost overruns. As a reminder our travel trips are FULL SERVICE. Triangle Travel Services does it all: transportation*, lodging, meals, snacks, and incidentals. Families pay NOTHING related to their student-athlete’s travel needs while on team travel trips beyond the trip assessment. [Note that for our boys' teams travel is handled differently than junior girls'. See program guides for details]. 

*transportation is included except in the very rare circumstance where carpools are more practical

Please check our age-level program guides (available October 1) for more specific information

Triangle offers a payment plan each season that allows families to spread costs over the majority of the season. Payment plan information will be available October 1st. Club membership fees may be paid using cash, check, or credit card via our website.

Triangle recognizes that finances can play a critical role in the club decision-making process. In order for families to manage the financial commitment of club volleyball Triangle has a payment plan that allows fees to be paid in monthly increments over the club season. Should the established payment plan still present a financial challenge for families Triangle will discuss the following options:

  1. Extended/Modified payment plan, and
  2. Triangle has limited Financial Assistance Program [FAP] funds available for families of national team athletes [generally 15 & up] whose total household income prohibits participation in club volleyball.

Our FAP process includes an application and needs-based review process that relies on family income information, considers other factors such as academic performance, and requires approval by Triangle's Board of Directors.

NOTE: Inquiries for FAP must be done no less than two weeks in advance of tryouts. Initial contact is made with Triangle via the online tryout registration module. An inquiry or submission of an application does not guarantee that a FAP award will be granted.

Triangle funds it's financial assistance program from two primary sources: donations and the proceeds from non-club team related income (i.e. programming, events, etc.). As such, team parents do not experience any additional financial burden to cover the cost of the financial assistance for any athletes receiving such assistance on their team. 

The cost of uniforms varies depending on the team placement for each student-athlete. Uniform items include jerseys, spandex/shorts, practice t-shirts, warm ups, and team backpack. Triangle makes every effort to minimize changes year to year in the uniform package as an effort to control costs. Additionally, we specify certain color/style of socks and color of kneepads to be worn with uniform vs. specifying a specific brand.

We also offer SpiritWear [Triangle-logo merchandise] that can be purchased at the club for athletes and families. The purchase of these SpiritWear items is strictly optional.

Section 8. College Recruiting at Triangle

Triangle has an active recruiting support program and a dedicated professional leading this effort. Triangle and its coaching staff has established and maintains strong relationships with collegiate recruiters and actively utilizes our nationwide network to the benefit of every student-athlete throughout their recruiting process.

Keeping in mind that recruiting support varies with age, skill level and the aspirations of the student-athlete we address recruiting in a variety of manners. Initially this effort involves recruiting seminars, workshops, and panel discussions. Some of these sessions are for parents, others for student-athletes. Typical topics include NCAA regulations, appropriate and effective communication strategies and the development of a recruiting strategy. As the recruiting process progresses there may be one-on-one meetings with the recruiting coordinator, student-athlete and their family.

In 2018 Triangle integrated with Sports Recruits to provide access for student-athletes on 15s national teams and older (16-18) to Sports Recruit's recruiting management platform. To be clear, this is not a recruiting service who promises assistance in getting an athlete recruiting attention. Instead it is a state-of-the-art software platform that connects Triangle athletes to vital information about colleges with volleyball programs. It also tracks and manages communication and the unique recruiting process each Triangle athlete is engaged in with various schools of choice.

Key elements of this platform are:

  • Player profile creation and maintenance
  • Advanced school search options
  • Internal messaging system direct to college coaches with tracking of communication
  • Track views of player profile, video, and transcripts by college coaches
  • Unlimited video uploads to an athlete’s profile
  • Team coaches and Triangle Recruiting Coordinator are integrated in the platform and process

Every Triangle athlete's Sports Recruit account is automatically renewed each season after conclusion of the tryout and team selection process.

Not every Triangle student-athlete chooses to play in college for a wide-variety of reasons. Triangle is proud to claim that, since its founding, nearly every Triangle alumnae has been given the opportunity to play in college. Including the Class of 2019 approximately 90% of our alumnae have embarked on a collegiate playing experience.

Athletes and parents should understand that playing collegiate volleyball is a serious commitment to be evaluated on an individual basis by the student-athlete and their family. We have many alumni who elected not to play in college to enjoy a more broad collegiate experience. Some had exciting and enjoyable collegiate club-level experiences which is an option at many schools.

Regardless, Triangle very actively and personally supports the recruiting effort of every student-athlete that is committed to playing in college.

We have had tremendous collegiate recruiting success over our history and Triangle student-athletes have been awarded millions (over $20 million to date) of dollars in scholarship monies. These annual awards can take a variety of forms such as:

  • Full Athletic Scholarship - fully funded Division I programs cannot give partial scholarships (i.e. a 1/2 ride for one year), but they can give only a certain number of years (i.e. 2/2 means two years full ride and two years with no athletic support.
  • Partial Athletic scholarship - Division I programs that are not fully funded and programs at lower levels (DII, DIII, etc.) can give partial scholarships on an annual basis.
  • Athletic + Academic Support - some DII and lower division schools will give a combination of support from both athletic and academic sources.
  • Academic Only Support - some schools do not have athletic money to award but do have robust academic support programs.
  • Recruited "Walk-On" - at most DI and many top DII programs they recruit walk-on athletes. These athletes do not receive any athletic support (but they may be eligible for academic support).
  • Every athlete situation is unique and depends on the particular university or college and the student-athlete’s athletic and academic performance.

Section 9. Parent Involvement at Triangle

We absolutely agree that the parent culture surrounding a team affects team performance and the overall enjoyment of the youth sports experience. Positivity in communication between parent and athlete, parent-to-parent, parent to coach/admin all factor into the parent culture. We actively support in both words and action the development of a positive parent culture. To that end we host Volleyball 101/201 as a first introduction to the game and to help define the best and most appropriate way to enjoy and support your athlete’s club volleyball experience.

Additionally, every family must attend a Parent Orientation Meeting at the start of the season where information about how the season’s activities are organized and the role of parents in team success are presented. We strongly value and emphasize a positive dynamic and visible commitment to support by each team’s parent group.

We invite parents to actively shape their parent culture as numerous studies and our own experience over many years has shown that it is undeniable the potential impact a positive parent dynamic can have on an athlete and the team’s overall success.

As coaches, administrators, and parents, we are committed to the creation of a positive athletic experience for all members of our Club. Triangle Volleyball Club recognizes the vital role that parents play in their athlete's growth in sport and seeks an engaged and positive relationship.

Triangle has a vibrant and active service program called "Triangle Serves." Under that umbrella we work with veterans, disabled, and those who have little to no access to sport. We welcome, and encourage, parents to join in on these efforts and model positive service to those who need our support.

Additionally, Triangle utlizes parent travel support in the form of parent chaperones. In their role as parent chaperone they will address the food related needs of the team while on the road.

As a tournament host, Triangle enjoys the benefits of playing at 'home.' Parents are critical is delivering a successful and enjoyable tournament event by assisting with set up and management of our events.

Quite simply, Triangle cannot be successful without the support of our student-athletes’ families.