2022 Tryout Schedule Release

Girls' 15-18s to be held August 7-8

July 5, 2021 | 2021-2022 Club Team Tryouts Announcement

Just today Triangle is wrapping up the 2021 and one in which our teams saw tremendous success. Leading all clubs in North Carolina, Triangle had five teams qualify for USAV Junior Nationals, including one junior boys' team. Three of these teams, 14 Black, 15 Black and 17 Black, qualified in the prestigious Open division and 16 Blue qualified in the USA division.. With the season reaching its final closure, Triangle is annoucing its Junior Girls' tryout schedule for the 2022 season. Please note the change in schedule (from early November to early August). Information related to the change is below.

Below are two important links to valuable Triangle tryout information. Please review information thoroughly. We are also busy working on assembling materials relating to costs, coaches, and schedules so look for the information later in July. Be sure to register for tryouts in advance of our Early-bird deadlines. We will send out confirmation emails weekly once we review your tryout registration and confirm age-eligibility.

We know, for many athletes, tryouts is an anxious time. Please know at Triangle we subscribe to the NC Fair Tryout Pledge and do not engage in the activities that cause unnecessary stress, drama or harm during this sensitive time.

BACKGROUND: We received written communication from the Carolina Region addressing the announcement earlier this month by several larger clubs that they will hold tryouts for HS-aged athletes August 7th and 8th. The Carolina Region, our sport's national governing body, has opted to step aside in determining a region-wide tryout schedule which has historically avoided any tryout conflicts and overlap with the traditional fall high school season. To learn more about the Region's decision click HERE.
We have heard from many families that early tryouts are not highly supported and there is and frustration and genuine concern for the athlete's mental and physical well-being. We, at Triangle, totally concur and despite the informal and/or invitation-only tryouts that have been going on in our area for several years (not at Triangle) we have not stepped away from the long-standing tradition of allowing the high school season to occur without interference from club activities.
This year is unfortunately decidedly different. With the region decision and our strong desire to not put kids in an untenable situation where there is one tryout in August which will come with pressure to commit or decline and other tryouts in the late Fall, we have made the difficult decision to alter our historical tryout schedule and process for the 2022 club season. Despite the tryouts happening earlier, what will NOT change at Triangle is that our tryouts will remain OPEN and FAIR. We will NOT pre-determine teams or athlete placement (early offers), nor will we hold separate tryouts that do not afford every athlete an opportunity to make any roster position on any of Triangle’s competitive teams [yes - this is already happening in our area].

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