2024 Tryout Information and Updates Available

Girls' Pre-Tryout Gym Sessions and Tryout Registrations OPEN









07.29.2023 | Check out WHY TRIANGLE slides

7.01.2023 | Registration is open for pre-tryout open gyms and tryouts. Coaching assignments and team costs and schedules will be available later in July and as information becomes available. <DETAILS>

6.29.2023 | With nationals concluding in early July, the tryout chatter is in full swing. Most have recognized that there are area clubs with overlapping tryouts in the Girls' 15s-18s age groups. Before discussing what options exist for athletes wanting to explore multiple clubs, we'd like to review a few things as there are many mis-truths out there.

Below is a screen shot from NCVBA's website where they state a tryout schedule posting date of April 1st. The time stamp on Triangle's website for posting our tryout schedule, the google calendar updates, and tryout information webpage is March 30th and was done prior to our teams departing for Big South. Other items to be clarified...
  1. When we posted our information, NO other area club had posted any specific tryout times. All that was visible on NCVBA's google calendar were the chosen weekend of tryouts.
  2. The tryout schedule posted by Triangle is a match with the tryout schedule used by Triangle last year. The tryout schedule posted by NCVBA was altered from the schedule NCVBA used last year to align with Triangle's from last season. It can only be assumed that NCVBA's tryout schedule overlap with Triangle was,
    1. an intentional choice by NCVBA, or
    2. an oversight by NCVBA.
  3. It's equally unclear why NCVBA would imply that coordinating with Charlotte area clubs is to the benefit of triangle-area athletes.
In the end, it's clear NCVBA has no intent to make an adjustment to their tryout schedule. So we want to do what is BEST for the athletes as we have always worked to put athletes first. With that in mind, we have had much discussion about how to help de-stress, to whatever extent possible, the very stressful tryout process. We know we did not create the tryout conflict situation, but are willing to explore options to help alleviate the overlap for the benefit of the athletes in advance of the opening of our pre-tryout gym session and tryout registrations (coming July 1).
To that end we are altering our tryout schedule in limited fashion. It's not ideal but workable. We do this knowing that it will, in turn, create opportunities for athletes currently playing with Triangle to try out for other clubs as well. We are confident in our history of success, our superior training, our unmatched recruiting success, our national reputation and our commitment to the athlete that we will form the most competitive teams in 2024 as we did in 2023. You can find the schedule and other tryout information on our website and it is also viewable on our google calendar.