AAU & USAV Junior Nationals wrap up 2015 Club Season

Triangle closed the 2015 club season with fifteen (15) teams attending AAU Junior National Championships in Orlando, Florida and three (3) teams attending USAV Girls' Junior National Championships in New Orleans, Louisiana

Teams attending USAV Junior Nationals in New Orleans had earned bids for the event at national qualifying events earlier in the club season. Throughout nationals Triangle teams achieved a 47% win percentage with four (4) Triangle teams achieving top 15 finishes [14 Black, 16 Black, 17 Blue, and 18 Blue]. Complete results are below.

Team Division Finish
12 National* Club-AAU 55/61
12 Regional* Classic-AAU T36/48
13 Black Open-AAU T21/27
14 Black Open-AAU T11/32
14 Blue Premier-AAU T37/67
14 White Premier-AAU T56/67
15 Black Open-AAU T27/50
15 Blue Premier-AAU 53/93
15 White Premier-AAU T80/93
15 Regional* Club-AAU T86/163
16 Black Open-AAU T13/67
16 Blue Premier-AAU T35/102
16 White Premier-AAU 72/102
17 Black Open-USAV T15/36
17 Blue Premier-AAU T12/96
17 White Premier-AAU 55/96
18 Black Open-USAV 34/36
18 Blue USA-USAV 13/24

*teams formed after completion of regional season for AAU attendance