AP Groups Continues through Fall

Triangle's popular AP Groups returns this summer and fall with nine (9) sessions prior to club tryouts for the 2016 season. AP Groups [Advanced Placement] is for high school girls with positional mastery and significant high level experience. It is the NEXT LEVEL training beyond XTREME clinics [which are open and available to club players aged 14 & up].

It is important to note that AP Groups work differently than other programs at Triangle. Firstly, AP Groups requires an application. Secondly, athletes are grouped based on level. An athlete's grouping will determine what TIME slot their AP Group will train. A special request of time slot or AP Group placement is not permitted.

Applicants must be high school aged [15-18] female athletes who possess the following:

  • Mastery of positional fundamentals
  • Significant high level playing experience
  • Solid physical condition
  • A strong work ethic

Groups training involves:

  • Exceptional training by Triangle's most senior staff
  • Small group [6-8], high coach:athlete ratio
  • College preparatory technical content
  • Live, fast-paced environment
  • Game-like, competitive format
  • high quality reps & feedback

Advanced Placement Groups is for qualified [via application] high school aged girls [15-18]. For the summer and fall, AP Groups will only have a positional training component. Also, new for summer and fall is that AP Group positional training will be 1-1/2 hours in length.

For AP Group participation athletes must possess the following at a minimum:

  • Be a highly motivated high school volleyball player, grades 9-12 [as of Fall, 2015].
  • Possess a mastery of positional fundamentals
  • Have significant high level playing experience [i.e. club volleyball]
  • Be in solid physical condition
  • Possess a strong work ethic

General rules for AP Group participation:

  • Interested athletes must APPLY for AP Groups. Please check your calendar PRIOR to registering and sign up only for dates you are certain to attend.
  • Note that deadlines for application are firm. We cannot accept late applications.
  • We have had and continue to see tremendous demand for AP Group Training [especially in the Fall prior to club tryouts]. Additionally, we have ample but finite court time and staff availability to conduct AP Groups. For these reasons we cannot guarantee an athlete's acceptance into AP Groups. It is also possible that prior AP Group participants may not be accepted into Fall sessions. NOTE: we do our best to accept as many qualified applicants as possible.
  • Athletes must attend the AP Group for their PRIMARY position only. There are no exceptions.
  • The actual time slot for an individual athlete's AP Group training will depend on your Group placement. Athlete's must be flexible and attend at the time instructed, no exceptions.
  • Athletes will be assigned a 1-1/2 hour time slot within the range of times specified. These times will be posted by noon on Wednesday prior to the AP Group session for that week. Please check the weekly AP Group Schedule at https://trianglevolleyball.org/ap-groups-schedule.
  • It is imperative to note that AP Groups are NOT used by Triangle or its coaching staff as an evaluation tool for team selection and will NOT be used to determine an athlete's placement for the upcoming club season. AP Group training IS designed to push the performance of each individual athlete in a positive direction by creating an environment for maximum growth.

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AP Positional Group training involves:

•             Exceptional high level training by Triangle staff

•             Small group [6-8], high coach:athlete ratio

•             College preparatory technical content

•             Live, fast-paced environment

•             High quality reps and feedback