City of Oaks Challenge Results

Thank you to all our participants! We hope to see you in 2019!

THANK YOU to all who attended the third annual City of Oaks Challenge. All of us at Triangle and the City of Raleigh truly enjoyed hosting your team and guests. There were many exciting matches and great play throughout the Raleigh Convention Center. We were impressed with the competitiveness of the field and the positive support of the thousands of spectators that attended to cheer on teams. In total, we had 188 teams participate which included a 7-team 16-18s Boys division. Next year we will be able accommodate 200+ teams so spread the word!

Congratulations to division champions, winners and finalists:

12 Girls

  • 12s Gold Champion: Triangle 12 Blue
  • 12s Gold Finalist: ECJVC 12 Black
  • 12s Silver Winner: Sports Academy HEAT 12

13 Girls

  • 13s Gold Champion: IC Stars 13 MB
  • 13s Gold Finalist: ECJVC 13 Black
  • 13s Silver Winner: Triangle 12 Black
  • 13s Bronze Winner: CHAVC 13 Purple
  • 13s Copper Winner: Triangle 13 White

14 Girls

  • 14s Gold Champion: Carolina Edge 14
  • 14s Gold Finalist: CJV 14 Megan
  • 14s Silver Winner: ECJVC 14 Black
  • 14s Bronze Winner: Crossfire 14 Mellie
  • 14s Copper Winner: MOJO Elite 14 Blaze

15 Girls

  • 15s Gold Champion: ECVC Hurricanes 15-1
  • 15s Gold Finalist: Triangle 15 Black
  • 15s Silver Winner: IC Stars 15-Joel
  • 15s Bronze Winner: ECJVC 15 Purple
  • 15s Copper Winner: ECJVC 15 White

16 Girls

  • 16s Gold Champion: CJV 16 Wade
  • 16s Gold Finalist: Triangle 16 Black
  • 16s Silver Winner: Triangle 16 White
  • 16s Bronze Winner: Sandhills Lightning 16 National 
  • 16s Copper Winner: ECJVC 16 Purple

16 Boys

  • 16s Boys Champion: SERV 16 Boys
  • 16s Boys Finalist: Triangle 16 Boys

17/18 Girls

  • 17/18s Gold Champion: Triangle 17 Black
  • 17/18s Gold Finalist: Triangle 18 Black
  • 17/18s Silver Winner: NC Elite 18 Black
  • 17/18s Bronze Winner: Carolina East Select
  • 17/18s Copper Winner: JOCO-One 17

18 Boys

  • 18 Boys Champion: CUVC 18-3 Michelle
  • 18 Boys Finalist: Triangle 18 Boys

Full tournament results can be found at:  

Lost and Found: We have a few items remaining after the tournament. If you are missing items please contact us by email [] or by phone 919-544-9400. Shipping charges will apply to all items needing to be mailed.

College Recruiter List: We were thrilled to have over 40 colleges/universities represented at the City of Oaks Challenge.

AES Results: your teams’ results have been automatically uploaded into AES so there is no need for you to enter your results for seeding purposes in future events. 

Looking ahead:

  • 2019 dates: January 19-21.
  • Registration will open in AES in mid-October.

Again, thank you for coming to Raleigh. Good luck with the remainder of your season and we hope to see you on the court soon.