Coach John Dunning visits Triangle

Legendary Stanford coach spent 2 days with Triangle coaches, players and parents

Coach Dunning recently announced his retirement from Stanford University after thirty-two years of collegiate coaching. Coach Dunning has five national championships to his credit; the most recent being Stanford's historic win in December, 2016.

Coach Dunning is part of The Art of Coaching Volleyball coaching cadre who presented a two-day workshop at UNC. After the conclusion of his clinic, Coach Dunning extended his stay in North Carolina and joined Triangle for two days of practices and learning sessions for parents, players and coaches.  

During his time at Triangle Coach Dunning sat with coaches and administrators for a lunch and learn discussion on culture, education and the future of volleyball. He also held a coaches clinic and parent/player session discussing the importance of teamwork, support and effort within the game.  On the second day of his visit, Coach Dunning joined groups 1 and 2 for practice - kicking off practice with a discussion on attitude, hard work and making good choices.  He lead the teams in setters training and competitive drills. 

We would like to thank Coach Dunning for sharing his time, insight and wisdom with our club and families.