Monday November 30, 2020

12.20.20 Update:

The Holiday Food Drive was a fantastic success! Thanks to Caleigh's initiative and the gracious donations of the Triangle community, together we raised over 7,000 combined dollars/lbs of food for the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina!

The top five teams are below:

Top 5 Contributors:  
1) 16 Blue- 1,038 lbs + $
2) 18 Blue- 894 lbs + $
3) 15 Blue- 547 lbs + $
4) 16 Silver- 398 lbs + $
5) Team Awesome (Admin)- 360 lbs + $
We are so grateful to be a part of a giving community this holiday season!

Triangle is delighted (and impressed) to present Caleigh Millikin's (16 Silver) initiative for a holiday service project. Food insecurity has reached epic levels as a result of the pandemic and there are pretty simple ways for each of us to make an impactful difference. Please read Caleigh's note below to see how Triangle is looking to give back this Holiday season.

Dear Triangle Club Parents & Athletes:

The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina is always in need of food and donations, but there is an even more urgent need due to COVID-19 and the upcoming holidays. Since the beginning of COVID-19, the number of food-insecure people in this area has grown by 38%, including 49% growth for children and teens. That means over 750,000 people (1 in 5 people) may face hunger in 2020, including about 250,000 children (1 in 3 children).

Triangle Volleyball Club has always supported and encouraged service projects to benefit others. In fact, our club has a “Triangle Cup,” which is an in-house team-based service competition for student-athletes and their coaching staff. The goal is to create team bonding opportunities through service and support in a friendly competitive environment. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has canceled all our team activities outside of practices; however, collecting food and monetary donations for the Food Bank is something we all can do separately and as a team. Separately, we can collect food and funds, but when all of it is put together as a team, we can truly make a huge difference. 

I am coordinating a club wide competition/challenge between all of the teams at Triangle Volleyball Club to see who can donate the most and give back to their community. Each team will be competing against each other to see who can bring in the most donations of food and money and will receive a prize for doing so. 

I challenge every club/teammate to do at least ONE of the following: 

  1. Bring in at least 10 pounds of food and drop it off in the box that will be in the front of the Club (One large can of soup or vegetables is almost a pound). If every teammate and coach were to bring in at least 10 pounds of food, we would have about 3000 pounds of food to take to the Food Bank! Before placing your food donations in the box, write your team name on the outside of your donation bag and the weight so that it will count towards your team’s overall donations. (Notecards and a scale will be onsite at Triangle)
  2. Make a Donation - Donations count too! For every $1 you bring in, it will count as 1 pound of food for the tally. You can donate in three ways:
  • Please submit checks made out to “Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC.”  Write your team name on the memo line of the check and on the outside of the envelope to be counted towards your team’s total. Drop in office or collection envelope on box in foyer.
  • ONLINE via Triangle's website. Be sure to put Athlete's Name and Team Name in the Customer ID field so we can track your generosity.
  • CASH - If you bring cash place it in an envelope marked with your name and team. Drop in office, drop box in foyer, or collection envelope on box in foyer.

Please turn all money into the office or the mailbox outside. A running total will be kept for the pounds of food/donations per team and will be displayed in the foyer of the club. The team that donates the most food/funds will have “bragging rights,” plus win a sweet treat at the end of one of their practices (we will be following COVID-19 protocols as far as individual packaging and will bring it to you when it is safe to do so). 

The deadline for all donations is Sunday, December 13, 2020.

From the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina their most needed items include:

  • Canned Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, and Soup (Pop-top cans and low sodium is a plus!)
  • Whole Grain Pasta, Brown Rice, Dried Beans, and Cereal
  • Peanut Butter, and other kinds of nut butters
  • For Infants: Pedialyte, Infant Cereal, Powdered Formula, Diapers, and Wipes
  • For Kids: Fruit Cups, Juice Boxes, Granola Bars, Crackers, Popcorn and Sugar-Free Pudding Cups
  • Non-Food Essentials: Hygiene Items, Household Items, and Paper Products

Due to food safety regulations and safety protocols, please do not donate food items that are unsealed, loose items without ingredients listed, glass containers, or loose glass or plastic jars of baby food. These items must be discarded.

Good luck to you and your team and THANK YOU!
Caleigh Millikin, Triangle 16 Silver

Wednesday August 26, 2020












Triangle is proud to join other Carolina Region clubs in signing the "Fair Tryout Pledge" which ensures student-athletes and their families that their tryout experience will be fair and free from pressure.

Those making the pledge thus far for 2021:
AIM | Alexander Aces | Carolina Evolution | Champion | CHAVC | East Coast | ECJVC | Eastern Elite | Eastside Volleyball | Foothills Phoenix | Gaston Galaxy | Lake Norman | Lee County | Onslow County | Providence Grove | Queen City | Sandhills | TRIANGLE | Twin City Volleyball Academy

The pledge states...

In the spirit of fair play and collaboration with other like-minded clubs in the Carolina Region, we pledge to conduct open and fair tryouts that enable every athlete the opportunity to earn any spot on any team in our club. Stated another way, this means no players are offered spots in our club before our formal tryouts officially begin.

Additionally, we pledge to honor the Carolina Region Athlete’s Bill of Rights and will not subject any athlete or their family to coercive, manipulative or other such pressure tactics to secure a commitment. By making this pledge we proudly post the NC Fair Tryout Pledge badge on our website.

We look forward to seeing you at tryouts.   - Triangle

CLICK HERE for tryout information


Sunday August 9, 2020











Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update | 9.1.20

Effective Friday, September 4 at 5pm Governor Cooper’s Executive Order #163 Phase 2.5 Extension  will allow traditional fitness-type gyms to reopen and operate at 30% capacity. If that standard (which is one of the most conservative for businesses) is applied to Triangle Volleyball Club it would mean that 250+ people [ca. 32 people/court] would be allowed. We are providing this information for reference purposes only and plan to continue to operate below that capacity until the situation with the Coronavirus pandemic improves further.

For more information on Triangle's Pandemic Response and Return-to-Sport plan please click HERE.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update | 6.9.20

After three weeks in Phase 1 of Governor Cooper's reopening plan, Triangle courts are back in action. For the past several weeks we have made all our preparations to reopen safely and responsbly. We've done weeks of team training allowing us to refine all our protocols and we are ready to open to the public for our nationally recognized SUMMER CAMP program. We are refining our schedule as the guidance changes from public health officials so check back often.
For the greater and enthusiastic volleyball community we have posted our exciting SUMMER CAMP SCHEDULE. Please visit our website for information and OASYS SPORTS to register.
We cannot wait to get back into the gym. Keep working hard and we look forward to seeing you soon. If you need to get in touch with us please contact
Stay safe and well. Spread Kindness.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update | 5.6.20

Most recent developments at both the state and national level indicate that restrictions are beginning to loosen and we are beginning to see possibilities of returning to the gym, hopefully soon.
On May 8 North Carolina will enter Phase 1 of Governor Cooper's 'Staying Ahead of the Curve' phased plan to reopen North Carolina. Gym and outdoor play areas are not included in Phase 1 but are mentioned as a possibility, with restrictions, in Phase 2. Phase 2 will happen no sooner than 2-3 weeks following the start of Phase 1. At the same time USA Volleyball has extended the sanction ban on person-to-person contact/training through May 22nd.
We are creating our reopeing protocols and procedures that will align with the CDC recommendations and those of our state and local governments so we can do our best to ensure a safe environment for our athletes and staff.
In the meantime, our national teams are still 'in season' and they are being provided practice plans according to their normal team practice schedule with supplemental positional training being added this week. We believe with great sincerity that advancement in fitness, skill, volleyball IQ, and team dynamic are possible in a remote learning environment. Athletes are encouraged to embrace the Triangle F.I.T.T. program being provided and to seek creative ways to engage with coaching staff, teammates, and clubmates.
For the greater and enthusiastic volleyball community we have posted our exciting SUMMER CAMP SCHEDULE. Please visit our website for information and OASYS SPORTS to register.
We cannot wait to get back into the gym. Keep working hard and we look forward to seeing you soon. If you need to get in touch with us please contact
Stay safe and well. Spread Kindness.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update | 4.3.20

In cadence with stay-at-home orders from Governor Cooper and the direction of our national governing body, USA Volleyball, all gym activities [indoor and outdoor] continue to be cancelled as our nation battles the Coronavirus.
Our club members are being provided practice plans according to their normal team practice schedule at the Regional, Regional Plus, and National team levels. We believe with great sincerity that advancement in fitness, skill, volleyball IQ, and team dynamic are possible in a remote learning environment. Athletes are encouraged to embrace the Triangle F.I.T.T. program being provided and to seek creative ways to engage with coaching staff, teammates, and clubmates.
For the greater and enthusiastic volleyball community we have posted our exciting SUMMER CAMP SCHEDULE. Please visit our website for information and OASYS SPORTS to register.
We miss all of you and cannot wait to get back into the gym. Know that we are committed to continue to serve our members and the volleyball public so if you need to get in touch with us please contact
Stay safe and well. Spread Kindness.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update | 3.24.20

Effective March 25th at 5pm Governor Cooper has ordered all gyms to close in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19. We understand that the health and safety of our greater community must be a priority for all. The time away from the gym will be challenging for our staff, athletes, camp participants, and families, but it is necessary to protect North Carolina's public health.
Triangle's three (3) outdoor sand courts are also closed as there is insufficient data to support that Coronavirus can't withstand UV light or won't live on leather/synthetic surfaces (beach volleyball) for an extended period of time.
Be assured that our administrative team is hard at work at home to serve the needs of our volleyball community. We are actively providing remote learning for our club members which is being distributed for each practice session as scheduled. We are prepping summer camps and will have an exciting line up of products to train and advance every level of athlete once we can return to the gym.
We are committed to continue to serve our members and the volleyball public so if you need to get in touch with us please contact
Stay well.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update | 3.19.20

We are all watching anxiously as the nation responds to the Coronavirus crisis and we are taking drastic measures in our lives to incorporate social distancing to curb community spread. The timeline is yet unknown and it won't come as a surprise to learn that Triangle will be extending our closure and suspension of on-court practices and all other gym activities for another week through March 31 minimally. This extension aligns with the current recommendation of USA Volleyball, our national governing body.

Additionally, in compliance with the CDC recommendation to not hold events for the next eight (8) weeks that will have more than 50 people in attendance, we have cancelled our final three Triangle-hosted events

  • Carolina Power Events (#1 and #2)
  • Triangle Spring Classic

Teams from other clubs entered in these events have already been sent a full refund via mail.

Stay safe and healthy and please continue to take every precaution to not progress this disease in our community.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update | 3.14.20

These are uncertain times and we have seen unprecedented and unimaginable actions taken to keep our community and nation from facing an epidemic that threatens to overwhelm our healthcare system. We feel very fortunate that we have not learned of any exposures to Coronavirus within our Triangle community. However, there have been several recent developments that impact our operations. Please read on...

  • At 7pm Friday, USA Volleyball announced that “We are continuing to monitor the status of COVID-19 coronavirus. In the interest of welfare and safety of our membership, USA Volleyball is eliminating the sanctioning for all USA Volleyball activities (including but not limited to events, practices, individual training sessions or anything covered by USA Volleyball insurance) effective 11:59 p.m., Friday, March 13. This ban on all USA Volleyball sanctioned activities extends through March 31."
  • The Carolina Region has reiterated USAV's statement and emphasized that it applies to both indoor and outdoor volleyball activities.
  • The NCAA released the following statement at 130pm Friday – “The Council leadership put in place an immediate ban on in-person recruiting for Division I coaches. Additionally, the group advised schools to suspend any official and unofficial visits to campus from prospective student-athletes. This recruiting dead period will be in place until at least April 15, at which time the Division I Council Coordination Committee will evaluate. Telephone calls and written correspondence are allowed during dead periods.
  • We have also been informed of the following relating to national qualifying events
    • Red Rock Rave (18s Qualifier) has not yet announced cancellation or postponement but should shortly as they are USAV sanctioned.
    • Windy City Qualifier in Chicago scheduled for Easter weekend has been cancelled.
    • Northeast Qualifier in Philadelphia is postponed. There is no information available at this time on possible rescheduling.
    • Big South Qualifier has made no new announcements. The last communication stated they would be meeting on Monday and will release information after concluding their meeting..

What’s next for Triangle?

  • We are extending our gym closure through Sunday, March 22nd and will evaluate extensions of our closure on a weekly basis. Athletes and families need to prepare themselves for the strong possibility that our closure will extend further into the future. It should be noted that some of the most successful and prominent clubs in the country are making a similar decision in the best interests of their local community and the nation.
  • We have cancelled all open-to-the-public programming for the current session and cancelled all rental contracts for the near term.
  • The administrative team is maintaining weekday office hours 10am-5pm.
  • Appointments for Trinity Wellness Center full physical therapy services will be held on Thursday. To book contact Trinity Wellness Center at 919-875-1932.

Please stay safe and healthy by adhering to government and public health official policies and recommendations. Practice social distancing* whenever possible and wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. - Triangle Volleyball Club

*Social distancing means remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible. [CDC website]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update | 3.12.20

As evidenced by multiple news reports and various announcements by other sport organizations, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) spread is causing an ever-increasing public health concern.

After thoughtful consideration of the potential health impact on our Triangle community and the greater community at large, we are suspending all volleyball activities (practices, clinics, private lessons, etc.) and closing our gym through Sunday, March 15th minimally. During our closure we will continue to monitor developments and make a final decision as to when we will return to the gym.

As for our gym, we have invested considerable effort in the sanitizing of our gym and are confident that when we re-open we will be welcoming our athletes back to a safe space.

We know removing volleyball activity from our athletes will be an additional challenge in already difficult times. Our thoughts are with all of you and please remain safe.

EARLIER TODAY: At 1230am EST USA Volleyball announced that all USAV sanctioned events be postponed or cancelled through March 22nd. We wholly support that decision as an abundance of caution to contain the spread of COVID-19 in our community by avoiding large gatherings.

As such Triangle will not serve as a Carolina Region one-day event host for the next two weekends (Saturday, March 14th and 21st). Please stay tuned as the suspension of events may continue beyond March 22nd.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update | 3.11.20

We are carefully monitoring the emerging information surrounding the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in the United States, North Carolina and Wake County in particular.

I [Sherry Fadool] have spoken to officials at the Wake County Public Health Department. They have stressed the following:

  • 80% of those who contract coronavirus have mild illness with recovery possible with no medical intervention. As such they are not recommending that travel be suspended due to the current state of or threat of coronavirus exposure.
  • It has been primarily individuals in the high-risk category (over 65 years of age and/or with compromised health conditions) that have suffered more serious illness upon exposure. Therefore, the only recommendations to cancel events or restrict travel are directed to this compromised population.

The bottom line is as of today, at this moment, we are continuing our plans to continue all planned activities at Triangle including team practices, camps and clinics, and tournaments.

I feel compelled to share that our decisions are not being guided by economics in any fashion. Our primary focus has been and will continue to be directed solely towards the health and safety of our staff, athletes, officials and visitors. We are committed to respecting the science which is evolving daily and the recommendations of public health officials who are charged with overseeing the containment of COVID-19.

We recognize that the risk of infection exists in all venues and activities in our community. We also believe that we will remain in a heightened posture toward the possibility of community spread for quite some time. With that said, there are intangible and tangible benefits of going on with our lives, with heightened awareness and armed with conservative hygiene protocols, as normally as possible.

I know and understand that some individuals will have differing opinions on participation in sports or attending sports events at this time. I also understand that any athlete absences in a team setting will likely impact team viability. I hope each of us can be thoughtful and appreciate that people have different comfort levels with illness and the associated risk of disease spread. Also, some of our members have family members in high risk populations that they live with or interact with on a daily basis.

Below is additional specific information on how we are managing our facility and minimizing risk of exposure.


  • Our cleaning efforts have been ramped up since early February as the flu virus was in the area. We sanitize our courts weekly as part of those efforts.
  • We frequently and regularly sanitize high contact areas including counters, hand rails, door knobs, etc.
  • We regularly sanitize the athletic floor and equipment in the PACT room.
  • We are spraying volleyballs regularly with disinfectant.
  • We have made hand sanitizer more readily available in the gym including on court.
  • We are suspending the practice of high-fiving and hand shaking in the gym for either practice or competition.
  • The region has also instructed all facilities hosting CR tournaments to place hand sanitizer on the scorer’s table at each court and refrain from pre and post-match handshakes/high fives.


  • Anyone who is sick or not feeling well should refrain from attending any gym activities including tournaments. This includes both athletes and spectators.
  • Anyone in a high-risk population (over age 65 and/or with a chronic health condition) should strongly consider not coming to practices and events at Triangle due to the risk of exposure to numerous communicable diseases.


Prevention lies in large measure with each individual’s personal hygiene practices. In the end, every person’s hygiene will play a primary role in whether or not they contract any communicable disease.

Health officials are stressing businesses and schools minimize the risk of spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the same manner as that recommended for controlling the spread of influenza. The CDC and health departments emphasize the importance of good hygiene practices and maintaining normal cleaning routines to fight germs and prevent the spread of illnesses like:

  • Frequent, thorough hand washing with soap and water. When soap and water are not readily available an alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be used. REMINDER: hand washing with soap and water is vastly more effective than using hand sanitizer.
  • Individuals should stay home and not be in our gym if they have had any fever (with or without having taken fever-reducing medication) or experienced symptoms of illness within the past 24 hours.
  • Avoid contact/exposure to anyone who is ill. Be ‘hygiene vigilant’ if someone in your home is sick.
  • Any sneeze or cough should be covered. If tissues are used, they should be disposed of properly and hands should be washed.
  • Drinks and personal hygiene items like lip balm should not be shared.
  • People should clean their phones frequently (front back…all around).
  • Athletes should clean their water bottle after each use (inside and out with soap and water).
  • Athletes should clean/sanitize their whistles and not share with teammates.
  • Given the nature of the game of volleyball (platform passing) athletes should wash their hands to their elbows with soap and water.
  • Be conscious and vigilant about avoiding touching your face, nose, mouth or eyes. Having accountability partners in your family or among your team can help everyone become better at this.
  • ADDITIONAL MEASURES for athletes:
    • All volleyball gear should be washed frequently.
    • Bleach/Sanitize kneepads, arm sleeves, ankle braces, etc.
    • Wash athlete’s backpacks regularly.
    • Athletes should also carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer for personal use

If you have further questions or concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we suggest you seek information from reputable sources. Several we recommend are:

Without question, COVID-19 is a global disease much like the flu and considerable resources are being directed to better understand transmission pathways and treatment. We recognize that the uncertainty and intense media coverage of COVID-19 has led many to be fearful and hesitant to go about their normal routines and activities without interruption. As it relates to our activities at Triangle Volleyball Club please be assured that our leadership team is firmly focused on the health and safety of all of you. We appreciate your efforts to support better hygiene overall and to educate our athletes on how they can best protect themselves.

Sherry Fadool, Executive Director

Triangle Volleyball Club

Wednesday July 22, 2020

Triangle is pleased to announce training and competition for 4th-9th graders who had the intention of playing on their middle school team. Level 1.0 and 2.0 options are available - visit the FALL BALL page for more information and requirements.  Training will occur in a safe setting with Triangle's experienced staff.

For more information on FALL BALL visit HERE.

Monday May 18, 2020

Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of Triangle's Class of 2020!!!

Not Shown in picture: Alexis Engelbrecht^, Sydney Dowler^, Colton Fox, Priscilla Jones^, Kaya Merkler^, Matt Miller, Jakya Moore (SA Apprentice Coach), Vimal Pulikkiyil, Mandy Schiltz, Rachel Stroot,Taylor Thomason [^graduated early to attend university]

These 30 athletes have a combined 92 years in a Triangle jersey and have left a lasting legacy on our club.

Graduate  |  Tri Team  |  Hometown  |  High School  |  College/University
Alli Grant Avery  |  18 Black  |  Greenville  |  Arendell Parrott Academy  |  College of Charleston
Lauren Bissette  |  18 Black  |  Fuquay Varina  |  Fuquay Varina HS  |  Meredith College
Kaeli Braswell  |  18 Blue  |  Cary  |  Grace Christian  |  Furman
Holly Cornelius  |  18 Blue  |  Apex  |  Apex Friendship HS  |  UNC Wilimington
Abbey Curtis  |  18 Black  |  Fuquay Varina  |  Wake Christian Academy  |  TBD
Sydney Dowler  |  graduated early   |  Cary  |  Green Hope HS  |  University of Maryland
Alexis Engelbrecht  |  graduated early   |  Cary  |  Green Hope HS  |  Iowa State University
Colton Fox  |  18 Boys - Black  |  Timberlake  |  Person HS  |  Liberty University
Taylor Gwynne  |  18 Blue  |  Chapel Hill  |  Carrboro HS  |  Oberlin College
Autumn Hines  |  18 Blue  |  Apex  |  Summit Academy (homeschooled)  |  TBD
Payton Jones  |  18 Black  |  Wake Forest  |  North Raleigh Christian Academy  |  Lees-McRae
Priscilla Jones  |   graduated early  |  Cary  |  Green Hope HS  |  East Carolina University
Olivia Leshnock  |  18 Blue  |  Raleigh  |  St. David's  |  TBD
Millie Loehr  |  18 Black  |  Durham  |  Durham Academy  |  Wofford
Kaya Merkler  |  graduated early  |  Chapel Hill  |  Chapel Hill HS  |  UNC Chapel Hill
Matt Miller  |  18 Boys - Black  |  Apex  |  Apex Friendship HS  |  Florida Institute of Technology
JaKya Moore  | SA Apprentice Coach   |  Knightdale  |  Enloe HS  |  University of Tennessee
Maya Mrus  |  18 Black  |  Cary  |  Cardinal Gibbons HS  |  Furman
Jordan Nguyen  |  18 Boys - Blue  |  Cary  |  Wake Early College/Health & Sciences  |   TBD
Kaiah Parker  |  18 Blue  |  Fayetteville  |  Jack Britt HS  |  Western Carolina
Sydney Pearce  |  18 Blue  |  Durham  |  Riverside  |  Cumberland University
Vimal Pulikkiyil  |  18 Boys - Blue  |  Cary  |  Panther Creek HS  |   TBD
Ryan Rebne  |  18 Boys - Black  |  Raleigh  |  Millbrook HS  |  Dartmouth
Belle Schall  |  18 Black  |  Apex  |  Apex HS  |  UNC Wilimington
Mandy Schiltz  |  18 Blue  |  Durham  |  Cardinal Gibbons HS  |  Caldwell University
Rachael Stroot  |  18 Black  |  Wake Forest  |  Wake Forest HS  |  South Carolina Upstate
Taylor Thomason  |  18 Black  |  Wake Forest  |  North Raleigh Christian Academy  |  Coastal Carolina
Andy Wang  |  18 Boys - Black  |  Cary  |  North Carolina School of Science and Math  |  Columbia
Sarah Wilson  |  18 Blue  |  Raleigh  |  Wakefield HS  |  Belmont Abbey College
Courtney Zwikker  |  18 Black  |  Chapel Hill  |  Chapel Hill HS  |  Barry University

We are excited for their future and have plans to celebrate with them soon. In the meantime we shared this VIDeoHUG with them

<CLASS OF 2020 VidHug>

Friday April 3, 2020

4.3.2020 | On March 12th it became exceedingly clear that the world would never quite be the same as the evolving spread of COVID-19 affected nearly every facet of life in the United States and much of the world. In an effort to provide normalcy for Triangle athletes, to advance their training, and to provide a mechanism for them to remain connected to sport, team and club Triangle F.I.T.T. was created. Released the week of March 16th and consistently since that time, F.I.T.T. has continued with regularity the normal practice schedule and comprehensive elements of Triangle's nationally recognized training program. 

On March 18th, described Triangle F.I.T.T. as the "most extensive approach" in at-home training. The acronym stands for Fitness, IQ, Team, and Technique. Each module is tailored to address the specific needs and level of Triangle's five different training groups. Keep checking that 'inbox' and Stay Safe...Work Hard!

Tuesday February 18, 2020

Triangle saw twenty-six [26] teams competing at three-day events during Presidents' Day Weekend in both Kansas City and Washington DC. Over the holiday weekend Triangle teams competed in nearly 200 matches.

Five (5) teams were invited to compete at the Triple Crown Sports National Invitational Tournament in Kansas City. The event is a premier competitive event bringing together many of the top clubs in the nation to battle it out in an early-season tournament. Among the highlights in KC was 18 Black compiling a 6-2 record, on their way to a 3rd place finish in the 18u Select Championship Bracket. Triangle 14 Black finished 34th overall in 14u and finished 2nd in the Open Championship Bracket despite playing with a compromised roster consisting of eight healthy players.

Meanwhile in Washington DC, Triangle showcased its competitive depth across the board as eight total teams played themselves into the Gold Bracket (aka Championship bracket)on Day 3 across four different age groups. 18 Blue continued their strong start to the season by posting a T9 finish out of 64 teams in 18 Open, while 15 Blue finished T5 in 15 Open for their fourth Top-10 finish out of five tournaments this season.

Triangle's 14s teams showcased their age group's strong potential, with 14 Navy placing 2nd in the 14 Club division and 14 Silver [T5] and 14 Steel [T9] both posting Top 10 finishes in 14 Club. 14 Blue reached the Gold Bracket in 14 Open, finishing T9 with a 5-2 weekend record, while 14 White posted a 5-3 record and were the Silver B Champions for 14 Open. 13 White also placed into the Gold Bracket in 13 Club with a T5 finish, while 13 Black had a podium finish with a T3 final standing in 13 Open.

Triangle athletes also received a myriad of individual awards and recognitions on the weekend, including:

Capitol Hill Classic

  • Grace Agusta, 13 White - Best Digger [13 Club]
  • Bre McMillan, 13 Black - Best Attacker [13 Open]
  • Susan Migdal, 14 Navy - Best Receiver[14 Club]
  • Katie Raymer, 13 Black - Best Digger [13 Open]
  • Kaeli Braswell, 18 Blue - "Others Who Shined"
  • Autumn Hines, 18 Blue - "Others Who Shined"
  • Amelia Hammond, 17 Blue - "Others Who Shined"
  • Avery Mullins, 15 Blue - "Supernova"

Triple Crown NIT

  • Kaya Monrose, 16 Black - "Others Who Shined"
  • Olivia Kohn, 16 Black - "Others Who Shined"

The complete results and finishes for the weekend are below.

Capitol Hill Classic
Team Division Record Finish/Field Size
12 Black 13 Club 4-3 T37/64
12 Blue 12 Club 3-4 T13/32
13 Black 13 Open 6-1 T3/24
13 Blue 13 Open 1-6 T17/24
13 White 13 Club 6-2 T5/64
13 Silver 13 Club 5-3 T17/64
13 Steel 13 Club 2-5 T45/64
14 Blue 14 Open 5-2 T9/64
14 White 14 Open 5-3 T17/64
14 Navy 14 Club 9-1 2/64
14 Silver 14 Club 7-1 T5/64
14 Steel 14 Club 4-3 T9/64
15 Blue 15 Open 6-2 T5/64
15 White 15 Open 4-4 T35/64
15 Silver 15 Patriot 4-3 T21/64
15 Steel 15 Club 4-3 T21/96
16 Blue 16 Open 4-4 T27/64
16 White 16 Open 1-6 T53/64
17 Blue 17 Open 3-5 T27/64
17 White 17 Open 2-6 T51/64
18 Blue 18 Open 5-2 T9/48


Triple Crown Sports NIT

14 Black 6-3 34/80
15 Black 2-6 T91/116
16 Black 4-3 T83/128
17 Black 2-5 T99/128
18 Black 6-2 T67/112