Saturday July 18, 2015

Triangle closed the 2015 club season with fifteen (15) teams attending AAU Junior National Championships in Orlando, Florida and three (3) teams attending USAV Girls' Junior National Championships in New Orleans, Louisiana

Teams attending USAV Junior Nationals in New Orleans had earned bids for the event at national qualifying events earlier in the club season. Throughout nationals Triangle teams achieved a 47% win percentage with four (4) Triangle teams achieving top 15 finishes [14 Black, 16 Black, 17 Blue, and 18 Blue]. Complete results are below.

Team Division Finish
12 National* Club-AAU 55/61
12 Regional* Classic-AAU T36/48
13 Black Open-AAU T21/27
14 Black Open-AAU T11/32
14 Blue Premier-AAU T37/67
14 White Premier-AAU T56/67
15 Black Open-AAU T27/50
15 Blue Premier-AAU 53/93
15 White Premier-AAU T80/93
15 Regional* Club-AAU T86/163
16 Black Open-AAU T13/67
16 Blue Premier-AAU T35/102
16 White Premier-AAU 72/102
17 Black Open-USAV T15/36
17 Blue Premier-AAU T12/96
17 White Premier-AAU 55/96
18 Black Open-USAV 34/36
18 Blue USA-USAV 13/24

*teams formed after completion of regional season for AAU attendance


Friday April 24, 2015

We are excited to announce that we have launched our 2015 Summer Camp program and have a great summer planned for athletes of all ages and levels. To begin exploring our summer camp options you have several options:

1  Visit our website, where items are located under the general training category

2  Visit our camp/clinic google calendar if you are looking for what's available for a specific week.

3  Be brave and jump into your OASYS account and scroll through the list of offerings by program category.

Yet to be posted are Summer AP Group* offerings [Spring is already up] and the Summer Smash 4v4 tournament. *AP Groups is Advanced Placement training for athletes 15 & up who compete at the highest level in club.

We have over 1200 hours of camps and clinics to help you 'CHANGE YOUR GAME'. To assist you I am including a complete summer camp offering list with pricing so you can see the entire summer at-a-glance. 


2015 Summer Camps-How to get BETTER!

Since 2003 Triangle Volleyball has provided comprehensive volleyball training for athletes of all ages and abilities. Triangle’s summer camp offerings have grown into the most widely recognized and attended program in the southeast.

From early June to the end of August Triangle’s wide range of camp and clinic options offer beginner youth appropriate and introductory training and provide the most elite volleyball player challenging technical training. Whatever the state of YOUR game…Triangle Summer Camps will help you ‘Change YOUR Game’ for the better.

YOUTH Series-grades 2-9. Triangle is the area’s leader in youth volleyball development. Camps and clinics focus on developing fundamental volleyball skills. Daytime, evening, and weekend camps give families flexibility to arrange camps around busy work and vacation schedules. 

•  Day Camp-the perfect option for children of working parents. In addition to introductory technical training, games, and play, campers experience Triangle leadership and team building training.

•  All Skills Camps-focus on skill development and play to provide our newest athletes with quality repetitions and significant ball contact.

•  YVP Mini-Sessions-YVP is the most popular youth clinic in the area. For the summer we offer this 6-session training in a three week [twice per week] mini-session. These evening sessions offer convenience to working families.

•  Clinics-these 1-1½ hour clinics [Attacking, Serving, Ball Control, Get It OVER!] provide focused technical instruction on specific skill areas for athletes.

•  Games & Play-focused on fun and ‘playing the game’ these 1 ½ hour sessions allow athletes to experience game-like settings and use their skills.

CLASSIC Series-middle/high school. Camps and clinics focus increasing proficiency in skill and positional play.

•  Day Camp-the perfect option for working parents that includes our Classic All Skills camp. In addition to technical training and play, campers experience Triangle leadership and team building training.

•  All Skills Camps-focus on total skill development providing athletes with quality repetitions and significant ball contact.

•  Clinics-Classic clinics [i.e. Attacking, Dig Your Guts Out, Serving & Passing, Jump Serve, Tactical Serving] are hallmarks of Triangle’s year-round training for middle/high school and club players and provide focused technical instruction and quality repetitions for athletes looking to hone their skills.

•  Position-Specific Camps-improve proficiency by position in these 3 day camps.

•  Tune-Up Camps-are specifically designed to prepare middle and high school athletes for their tryouts.

XTREME Series-middle/high school. Camps and clinics focus increasing proficiency in skill and positional play.

•  Xtreme Clinics-provide next-level training by position for athletes who have mastered the fundamentals of their position.

•  Xtreme Position-Specific Camps-improve proficiency by position in these 3 day camps. Athletes will be trained on multiple courts and grouped by ability.

GameON! training-the perfect way to get ready for high school and middle school season. All drills. Fast-paced and competitive. If you've never been to GameON! before you are in for a real treat!

PowerCore 360-Triangle is the only club in the southeast able to provide this proprietary hitters training. PowerCore is designed to increase power [both hitting and serving] while reducing the risk of injury to the shoulder This summer we have PC360 course, Arm Swing Mechanics, Approach Mechanics, and LIVE!.

Triangle Setting Academy [TSA and TSA advantage]-setters need frequent and regular contact with the ball to keep skills up during the summer months. TSA allows them these quality contacts and offers instruction to help them become a confident and capable setter. Setters will also benefit from Xtreme Setter training.

Strength and Conditioning and Vertical JUMP Training+-Corey Johnson, CPT and Jim Freeman lead JUMP+, POWER1 and POWER2 which are performance-based training designed to strengthen athletes, increase vertical jump and first-step quickness, and reduce the risk of injury. 

AP Summer Work Outs-for college-bound and ‘nearly’ college bound athletes. Be ready for preseason, get introduced to weight lifting, and get assistance with YOUR universities summer work out program or use one devised by Triangle's staff. Schedule TBD.

Team Camps

YOUR high school or middle school team can benefit from the same quality instruction Triangle club teams receive year-after-year. Led by Triangle’s most experienced staff you can let us design your camp or you can ‘Design Your Own’. Team camps can be held at Triangle or your location depending on your preference.

We look forward to seeing you at Triangle this summer. Our Spring programs are also up and running so no need to wait till summer to 'Change YOUR Game.'

Wednesday April 22, 2015

This past weekend 15 Triangle teams attended the Disney Volleyball Showcase, a USA Volleyball national qualifying event in Orlando, Florida. In total Triangle was able to secure 8 top 10 finishes with two teams qualifying for the elite Open division play at USA Volleyball’s Junior National Championships. Previously qualified Triangle 18 Blue left no doubt on their bid status by winning the 18 USA division championship going 9-0 and only drop 2 sets over the three days of intense competition. This is the first season in Triangle’s history where three (3) teams achieved qualification through the national qualifying process.

For many Triangle teams the Disney Volleyball Showcase [DVS] is the third and final qualifier of the 2015 club season. Qualification grants Triangle 17 Black, 18 Black, and 18 Blue into the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships held this year in New Orleans, LA.

In New Orleans both 17 Black and 18 Black will be among only 36 teams in the nation to earn a bid to the esteemed Open division competition field. 18 Blue who ‘double qualified’ by combining its 3rd place finish at Big South National Qualifier with their championship at DVS will be among only 24 USA division qualified teams in New Orleans. Triangle 18 Blue is the first ever “Blue” team from Triangle to qualify for nationals in this manner.

There are just 12 national qualifying events in the United States each club season. Teams from all over the US attend numerous events for both good competition and the opportunity to ‘qualify.’ “Many of our teams set as a goal to achieve qualification to USAV Junior Nationals knowing that it is only a few that can grind through a three-day tournament and emerge among the top in the event” stated Sherry Fadool, Triangle’s Executive Director. “Having two teams qualify in open along with 18 Blue’s double qualification speaks to the depth of talent in our organization and is an exciting first for our club.”

Triangle teams will head to New Orleans in late June to compete for a USAV national championship. All other Triangle national teams will attend the equally prestigious AAU Junior Nationals in Orlando, Florida for their end of season national championship.

Team........... Finish.......... Division

13 Black........ T11/12.......... 13 Open

14 Black........ 4th/15........... 14 Open

14 Blue.......... 10th/20.......... 14 USA

14 White........ T17/70.......... 14 American

15 Black........ T5/12........... 15 Open

15 Blue.......... 31st/40.......... 15 USA

15 White........ T32/88.......... 15 American

16 Black........ T11/24.......... 16 Open

16 Blue.......... T9/46........... 16 USA

16 White........ T9/69........... 16 American

17 Black........ 3rd/16........... 17 Open QUALIFIED

17 Blue.......... T11/33.......... 17 USA

17 White........ T13/33.......... 17 USA

18 Black........ 3rd/14........... 18 Open QUALIFIED

18 Blue.......... 1st/30........... 18 USA 'Double' QUALIFIED

Tuesday April 14, 2015

Triangle 18 Blue had among their goals this season qualifying for USAV Junior Nationals to be held in New Orleans this summer. Most of the members of 18 Blue had been close to qualification before…very close…but denied on the final day of competition.

For the 2015 season they would have three shots at qualifying; Mideast Qualifier [Indianapolis], Big South [Atlanta] and Disney Volleyball Showcase [Orlando]. Eleven strong and united in a single purpose Triangle 18 Blue started with a bang in Indianapolis going undefeated through the first two rounds of pool play and landing in the 16-team strong Gold bracket on Sunday. Up first was Top Select 18 Elite, a perennially strong club from Florida. Top Select proved too much to handle and 18 Blue fell to finish T9 and out of range for the USA bid they sought after.

Next up was Big South. Undaunted they went into day one against a tough field. Landing top ½ after going 2-1 in first round pool play. Day two would put them in a pool with, yep, Top Select again. They would need to finish in the top two to advance to Gold bracket play on Easter Sunday. Top Select proved too difficult to overcome but 18 Blue toppled USA South 18 National is a tight three-set match (25-10, 15-25, 17-15). To stay alive for Gold 18 Blue was in a must win situation with Colorado Classix Juniors. Again, 18 Blue found themselves in a three-set battle; ultimately winning (24-26, 25-17, 15-9).

The Gold bracket stage was set; 12 teams and 3 bids on the line. To qualify 18 Blue would need to push through the bracket and finish third or higher. First match was at 8am vs. Tampa Elite U18 Columbia. Again, it is decided in three sets with 18 Blue triumphant after a slow start (17-25, 25-23, 15-12). At 9am they faced off against Momentum 18 Black. They win in two (25-23, 25-19) to set up a semi-final showdown with a perennial Top 25 favorite Wave out of San Diego. A win grabs a  bid...a loss will force yet another match in an attempt to secure third place.

Interestingly enough Wave 18-1 was coached last season by 15 Black’s Coach Courtney Noll proving yet again the volleyball world is a small world indeed. Wave has an outside hitter committed to Hawaii, and a libero committed to UNC. It was a formidable battle. Going in Wave’s favor and settled in two (25-20, 25-23) it was a battle nonetheless. Not discovered until Monday, Jaclyn Brewington [Setter] sustained a broken nose in the match.

With no break, they play on. The 3rd place match has 18 Blue facing off against Texas Fusion 18-1. Both teams were playing their fourth straight game Easter morning. The match is lopsided with 18 Blue winning game one only to lose decisively in game two. Both teams face yet another game three, again with a bid on the line. Triangle 18 Blue would not be denied. They started the game strong leading decisively at the switch. They took point after point and ended winning both the match and the USA bid 15-7.

18 Blue’s qualification is the first-ever for a Blue team [or any non-Black team]. It speaks to the considerable depth of our club, caliber of athletes, and the hard work each and every athlete and coach brings to the court each day. KUDOS 18 Blue…we are impressed!

Monday March 30, 2015

Spring Programs have launched [Summer Camps coming soon!]

We have plenty of training and play opportunities for athletes at all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned club player, Triangle offers the very best training in the area from a professional and experienced staff.

A few things worth mentioning:

  • For this spring we are bridging the gap between the Regional Plus season and the AAU tryout* with a Club level PLAY the GAME series. Lots of contacts, strategy and loads of fun-Play the Game gives kids a great opportunity to improve their overall game. *Triangle athletes only eligible for tryout
  • TRACK OUT OPTIONS-we are offering three (3) different track out camp options this spring.
  • GET IT OVER! is a quick 1-hour serving lesson with coach Mary Beth. A great way to help an athlete struggling with serving to simply get it over consistently and confidently.
  • PowerCore 360 courses are back this spring. Triangle is celebrating four years of PowerCore training and the results are amazing. Stronger hitters and servers and LESS stress on the shoulder. If you are planning on years in the sport you want to learn to hit both safer and harder.
  • Strength & Conditioning is the next level training that distinguishes elite level athletes. Triangle offers affordable options to personal trainers with POWER and JUMP.

Registration-we have minimums for all our programs and staff based on registration so please REGISTER IN ADVANCE to secure your spot. Registration is through OASYS.

For more information visit our website,

Here is the camp/clinic listing for Spring 2015:

YVP [Youth Volleyball Program-grades 2-9]

GET IT OVER! Serving 101

YVP ALL SKILLS CAMP #1 TRACK OUT-4, Monday-Thursday April 13-16, 9am-12noon

YVP ALL SKILLS CAMP #2 TRACK OUT-3, Monday-Thursday April 20-23, 9am-12noon

YVP ALL SKILLS CAMP #3 TRACK OUT-2, Monday-Thursday May 18-21, 9am-12noon





YVP MINI COURSE Tuesday/Thursday, May 26-June 11, 6-730pm

YVP PLAY THE GAME, Sundays, APRIL 12-MAY 17, 530-7 PM


Triangle Junior League

*Triangle Junior League - Middle/High School [combined co-ed grades 6-12], Sundays, April 12-May 17, 530-730 PM


PC360 LIVE! Sundays



POWERCORE 360 COURSE MEMBER/NON-MEMBER, April 6, 7, 9, 14, 5-630pm

CLASSIC Camps & Clinics [MS/HS ages]

PLAY THE GAME [11-13 Club players], T/Th, April 14-30, 530-7pm [6 sessions]

ATTACKING #1, Sunday, April 26, 1-230pm

DIG YOUR GUTS OUT [DYGO-Defense], Sundays




XTREME Camps & Clinics [14 & up w/club experience]

XTREME DEFENSE, Sunday, April 12, 230-4pm



Strength & Conditioning [JUMP, POWER, PACT]

JUMP [Vertical Jump Training] MEMBERS-Tuesday/Thursday, May 5-June 11, 6-630pm

JUMP [Vertical Jump Training] NON-MEMBERS-Tuesday/Thursday, May 5-June 11, 6-630pm

POWER1 [Weight Lifting] MEMBER, Tuesday/Thursday, May 5-June 11, 5-6pm

POWER1 [Weight Lifting] NON-MEMBER, Tuesday/Thursday, May 5-June 11, 5-6pm

POWER2 [Weight Lifting] MEMBER, Tuesday/Thursday, May 5-June 11, 4-5pm

POWER2 [Weight Lifting] NON-MEMBER, Tuesday/Thursday, May 5-June 11, 4-5pm

We look forward to see you at Triangle this spring. Summer camps will be launched soon. We offer our summer programs from the end of the traditional school year and the beginning of the next traditional school year. We have something for everyone and hold camps every week. Stay tuned.

Friday March 6, 2015

This past weekend MAPL Raleigh, the third stop in the Mid-Atlantic Power League, was held at the Raleigh Convention Center. One hundred fifty of the best junior girls’ volleyball teams from along the eastern seaboard competed over the weekend on 25 courts set up in the RCC.

The RCC saw 6000 participants, coaches, spectators, and over 60 college coaches in attendance over the two day event. Teams battled in three mixed-age divisions designed to ensure competitive play for each and every match with teams playing at least 6 matches over the course of the weekend. The winners of each division were: BLACK: Carolina Juniors 18 Infinity; BLUE: East Coast Power 16 Liberty; RED: IC Stars 14 Meggie.

In addition to high level volleyball the event with support from presenting sponsor Red Hat hosted a Youth Adaptive Sports Clinic for those with physical differences. “Volleyball for All” is a service project in its fourth year at MAPL Raleigh and is designed to promote awareness and inclusion, as well as to make sport accessible to those who often have little opportunity for participation. “We believe an event of this magnitude can be a true vehicle for outreach and we are proud of MAPL Raleigh’s history of service. The Adaptive Sports Clinic is just one way we can help bring sport to an underserved community and allow everyone, regardless of physical ability, to enjoy the athletic pursuit and the life’s lessons that are the true value of youth sport participation” states Sherry Fadool, Triangle’s Executive Director.

The event relies on the volunteer talent of Triangle athletes, parents, alums, and friends who together make MAPL Raleigh among teams favorite events of the season. Fifteen Triangle teams also competed in MAPL Raleigh. There finishes are as follows:

BLACK Division [16-18's] All Triangle teams in the top 20
• 18 Black, T3/66, 6-1
• 18 Blue, T5/66, 3-3
• 17 Black, T5/66, 3-4
• 16 Black, T11/66, 4-4
• 17 Blue, T19/66, 5-2
• 17 White, T19/66, 4-3

BLUE division [14-16's]
• 15 Black, T5/66, 4-2
• 16 Blue, T13/66, 3-3
• 16 White, T21/66, 2-4
• 14 Black, T27/66, 5-4
• 15 Blue, T45/66, 3-3
• 15 White, T45/66, 1-5

RED division [13-14's]
• 14 Blue, 2/18, 5-2
• 14 White, T8/18, 5-2
• 13 Black, 15/18, 5-2

MAPL Raleigh is hosted by Triangle Volleyball Club, sanctioned by USA Volleyball and supported by the Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance. MAPL Raleigh will be held in 2016 on March 12 and 13.

For more information visit, or contact Sherry Fadool, 919-544-9400,

Friday February 20, 2015

Retreat Day 2015

Retreat Day is an annual club-wide event where all Triangle student-athletes gather for a day filled with team and club building activities, service projects, as well as team pictures. The service focus included participating in The Assist Project through the Side-Out Foundation. The athletes participated in a coin drive which raised over $1600 for the Side-Out Foundation. Combined with Dig Pink™ tee shirt sales Triangle presented a check to the Side-Out Foundation for over $2000 at the Capitol Hill Classic Volleyball tournament on Presidents’ Day Weekend in Washington, DC. Athletes also created over 300 cards and well wishes for cancer survivors and those battling cancer diseases. At the end of the session athletes participated in our monthly Sitting Volleyball session which is a year-round service project aimed at bringing volleyball and physical activity to those with physical differences. For more information visit and

Friday February 20, 2015

Chicago, IL

The six teams heading to Chicago were not surprised to face some of the best teams in the country. The competition was fierce and provided a great early season opportunity to shine a bright light on both our strengths and our weaknesses. We play, we learn, we grow is the work of the weekend.

All teams competed in the most competitive Open division and most teams finished in the top ½-that is not insignificant. The results are below…




Win-Loss Record

Finish/Field Size

15 Black

15 Open



16 Black

16 Open



17 Black

17 Open



17 Blue

17 Open



18 Black

18 Open



18 Blue

18 Open





We cannot wrap up a tournament weekend without acknowledging those who went above and beyond to make the trip possible. KUDOS to…

·       Our team chaperones-how we compete is directly affected by their choices, organization, and all the work they put into feeding our teams. We know it is a big job but one that makes a true difference.

·       To our injured and sick athletes-we know it is a special challenge to watch [or get results via cell phone at home] vs. play but your contributions are significant and appreciated.

·       Our fans-thank you for making the trip to cheer on our teams.

Washington, DC

The twelve teams that attended CHC did an amazing job both on and off the court. One look at our Instagram [@TriangleVBC] and you will see that they excelled on the court while also enjoying many wonderful moments off the court. Those two things, we believe, combine to create both the opportunity and value of the youth sports experience.

As I walked around the convention center I had several college and club coaches comment on the depth of talent on our teams. As you’ll see below Triangle teams from 13 to 17’s and Black to Steel were very competitive in a diverse field including teams from New England, the eastern seaboard, and beyond. To further illustrate this point simply look at the results of our Regional Plus teams attending the event. Triangle 15 Silver and Steel and 16 Silver all finished in the top 3 in very large club level divisions with an overall record of 26-4. In total there were seven teams who finished in the top 10 in their respective division. Check it out below as the results speak for themselves.



Win-Loss Record

Finish/Field Size

13 Black

13 Open



14 Black

14 Open



14 Blue

14 Open



14 White

14 Open



15 Blue

15 Open



15 White

15 Open



15 Silver

15 Club



15 Steel

15 Club



16 Blue

16 Open



16 White

16 Open



16 Silver

16 Club



17 White

17 Open





KUDOS to the following individuals who were recognized by CHC staff:

Best Attacker: Kelly Nance, 15 Silver [15 Club Division]

Best Diggers: April Wiseman, 15 Steel [15 Club Division]

Best Receivers: Caroline Hall, 16 Silver [16 Club Division; Alden Willis, 15 Blue [15 Open Division]; Mary Wilkinson, 15 Silver [15 Club Division]

Best Setter: Skylar Buckley, 14 Black [14 Open Division]


We cannot wrap up a tournament weekend without acknowledging those who went above and beyond to make the trip possible. KUDOS to…

·       AT&T tours and Bus Driver Stephen for getting us home safely. They have been fantastic to deal with all season.

·       Our team chaperones-how we compete is directly affected by their choices, organization, and all the work they put into feeding our teams. We know it is a big job but one that makes a true difference.

·       The Marriott Marquis-we had a hiccup at check in but we loved the venue and enjoyed staying warm between convention center and hotel.

·       To our injured and sick athletes-we know it is a special challenge to watch [or get results via cell phone at home] vs. play but your contributions are significant and appreciated.

·       Our fans-I saw a lot of ‘interesting’ spectating around the gym and was very proud to see how our parents and families conduct themselves and support our entire club.

Friday February 20, 2015

Triangle Volleyball Club is pleased to announce a partnership with Trinity Wellness Center. Led by Luke Buffum, MPT, OCS, Trinity Wellness Center will assist Triangle’s injury prevention initiatives with on-site physical therapy support and consultation services. . The collaboration is focused on improving overall athletic performance while reducing the injury potential of Triangle student-athletes.

Luke and his staff will partner with Triangle’s lead strength and conditioning coach, Corey Johnson CPT and Triangle’s Movement and Mobility Specialist, B.J. Lawson, MD to deliver a comprehensive injury prevention and intervention support program that complements Triangle’s recent “Body Control” curriculum teaching safe and efficient movement.

“Partnering with Triangle Volleyball Club is an exciting opportunity to take injury prevention and athletic performance to the next level, especially with young athletes engaged in highly competitive youth sports,” comments Luke. “Our practice’s mission is empowering people to enjoy a lifetime of active fitness, and we look forward to working with Triangle in pursuit of that goal.”

 According to Triangle Executive Director Sherry Fadool, “Triangle is one of the first volleyball clubs in the country to combine objective movement assessment using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) with a strength and conditioning curriculum that trains safe movement patterns and improves our athletes’ mobility and stability.  We are excited to partner with Trinity Wellness Center to further this educational effort, and continue to develop our staff and athletes’ knowledge of how to best develop and maintain their full athletic potential.”

Trinity Wellness Center services will be offered weekly on-site at Triangle typically on Monday nights.

Trinity Wellness Center is owned and operated by Luke and Emily Buffum. Since 2002 they have offered direct access, quality physical therapy services with an emphasis on individualized care, patient education, manual therapy, and personalized home exercise programs. All Trinity Wellness Center physical therapists are FMS (Functional Movement Screen) certified-the foundation of Triangle’s “Body Control” program begun at the start of the 2014/2015 club season.

Luke received his Bachelor's degree in Zoology from NC State University in 1998. During his undergraduate studies he also played men’s varsity basketball for NCSU. After graduation Luke continued his education at UNC-Chapel Hill graduating in 2000 with a Master of Physical Therapy. Luke is an American Physical Therapy Association Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist and serves on NCSU’s sports medicine team. At NCSU Luke assists athletic trainers with coordination of long-term rehab for multiple sports with a concentration on football and track and field. Luke has been a frequent speaker for numerous groups including: The Capital RunWalk "Ask the Experts" series, Galloway Running Group, Duke-Raleigh Walking Club and ACO Continuing Education.

Luke and his wife Emily (also a physical therapist) have four daughters, Ginny Grace, Caroline, Victoria, and Amelia Claire.