Friday September 25, 2015
Friday August 21, 2015

Triangle Volleyball Club is pleased to announce the City of Oaks Challenge, an annual junior girls volleyball tournament Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.   This three day tournament, January 16-18, 2016, will be held in downtown Raleigh at the beautiful Raleigh Convention Center.  The Raleigh Convention Center, which also hosts the MAPL Raleigh volleyball tournament each March, will hold 200 teams from the Carolinas and beyond on 25 courts.

Registration for the City of Oaks Challenge will open on October 12, 2015 in Advanced Event Systems.  All divisions [12s-18s junior girls] will be played at the Raleigh Convention Center.

Interested teams/coaches: To join the City of Oaks Challenge team mailing list CLICK HERE.

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Monday July 20, 2015

Triangle's popular AP Groups returns this summer and fall with nine (9) sessions prior to club tryouts for the 2016 season. AP Groups [Advanced Placement] is for high school girls with positional mastery and significant high level experience. It is the NEXT LEVEL training beyond XTREME clinics [which are open and available to club players aged 14 & up].

It is important to note that AP Groups work differently than other programs at Triangle. Firstly, AP Groups requires an application. Secondly, athletes are grouped based on level. An athlete's grouping will determine what TIME slot their AP Group will train. A special request of time slot or AP Group placement is not permitted.

Applicants must be high school aged [15-18] female athletes who possess the following:

  • Mastery of positional fundamentals
  • Significant high level playing experience
  • Solid physical condition
  • A strong work ethic

Groups training involves:

  • Exceptional training by Triangle's most senior staff
  • Small group [6-8], high coach:athlete ratio
  • College preparatory technical content
  • Live, fast-paced environment
  • Game-like, competitive format
  • high quality reps & feedback

Advanced Placement Groups is for qualified [via application] high school aged girls [15-18]. For the summer and fall, AP Groups will only have a positional training component. Also, new for summer and fall is that AP Group positional training will be 1-1/2 hours in length.

For AP Group participation athletes must possess the following at a minimum:

  • Be a highly motivated high school volleyball player, grades 9-12 [as of Fall, 2015].
  • Possess a mastery of positional fundamentals
  • Have significant high level playing experience [i.e. club volleyball]
  • Be in solid physical condition
  • Possess a strong work ethic

General rules for AP Group participation:

  • Interested athletes must APPLY for AP Groups. Please check your calendar PRIOR to registering and sign up only for dates you are certain to attend.
  • Note that deadlines for application are firm. We cannot accept late applications.
  • We have had and continue to see tremendous demand for AP Group Training [especially in the Fall prior to club tryouts]. Additionally, we have ample but finite court time and staff availability to conduct AP Groups. For these reasons we cannot guarantee an athlete's acceptance into AP Groups. It is also possible that prior AP Group participants may not be accepted into Fall sessions. NOTE: we do our best to accept as many qualified applicants as possible.
  • Athletes must attend the AP Group for their PRIMARY position only. There are no exceptions.
  • The actual time slot for an individual athlete's AP Group training will depend on your Group placement. Athlete's must be flexible and attend at the time instructed, no exceptions.
  • Athletes will be assigned a 1-1/2 hour time slot within the range of times specified. These times will be posted by noon on Wednesday prior to the AP Group session for that week. Please check the weekly AP Group Schedule at
  • It is imperative to note that AP Groups are NOT used by Triangle or its coaching staff as an evaluation tool for team selection and will NOT be used to determine an athlete's placement for the upcoming club season. AP Group training IS designed to push the performance of each individual athlete in a positive direction by creating an environment for maximum growth.

How to apply for AP Groups?


MORE on AP Groups...

AP Positional Group training involves:

•             Exceptional high level training by Triangle staff

•             Small group [6-8], high coach:athlete ratio

•             College preparatory technical content

•             Live, fast-paced environment

•             High quality reps and feedback

Sunday July 19, 2015

Thank you to all the participants, spectators and volunteers of our Joe Uniacke Memorial Volleyball Tournament! 

Tournament Finishes: 

1 Gold Finalist St. Michael's Catholic School
2   Falls Lake Academy
3   St. Mark Catholic School
4   St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School
5 Silver Finalist The Franciscan School [BLUE]
6   Culbreth MS [GOLD]
7   Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School [BLUE]
8   Cary Christian School
9 Bronze Finalist Grace Christian School
10   St. Raphael Catholic School
11   St. Thomas More Catholic School
12   Immaculata Catholic School
13 Flight 1 Finalist The Franciscan School [WHITE]
14   Culbreth MS [BLUE]
15   Crosscreek Charter School
16   Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School [WHITE]
MVP Maya Mrus St. Michael's Catholic School
Caring Coach Award Shelby Hamilton St. Mark Catholic School
Caring Team Award   Crosscreek Charter School
All Tournament Team    
  Braswell, Kaeli Grace Christian School
  Chapman, Vivian St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School
  Coker, Emily Cary Christian School
  Dischinger, Sydney Culbreth MS [BLUE]
  Dorsey, Destinee Culbreth MS [GOLD]
  Dwinnell, Elizabeth St. Michael's Catholic School
  Gruebel, Lilly St. Raphael Catholic School
  Hamilton, Kaitlyn St. Mark Catholic School
  Lightner, Ellie The Franciscan School [WHITE]
  Mrus, Maya St. Michael's Catholic School
  Ogburn, Reagan Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School [BLUE]
  Scott, Nadia Falls Lake Academy
  Teal, Chase Falls Lake Academy
  Wilson, Sarah The Franciscan School [BLUE]


Saturday July 18, 2015

In 2014 Triangle formed its first-ever boys team. The team competed in U18 Boys and was comprised of boys aged 15-18. In 2015 Triangle again formed an 18U team. In just two years, Triangle 18 Black [boys] has made a big impact on the boys scene in the southeast.

To keep things going and GROWING we are hosting FREE open gyms for youth [5-8th grade] and rising high school aged boys.

•  YOUTH [grades 5-8]: Wednesday [July 29 thru October 21] from 630-8pm

•  HIGH SCHOOL [rising 9th-12th]:  Wednesday [July 8 thru October 28] from 7-9pm.ALUMNI WELCOME

All participants must have a completed waiver, signed by a parent on file at Triangle.

Please spread the word. Questions?

Saturday July 18, 2015

Triangle closed the 2015 club season with fifteen (15) teams attending AAU Junior National Championships in Orlando, Florida and three (3) teams attending USAV Girls' Junior National Championships in New Orleans, Louisiana

Teams attending USAV Junior Nationals in New Orleans had earned bids for the event at national qualifying events earlier in the club season. Throughout nationals Triangle teams achieved a 47% win percentage with four (4) Triangle teams achieving top 15 finishes [14 Black, 16 Black, 17 Blue, and 18 Blue]. Complete results are below.

Team Division Finish
12 National* Club-AAU 55/61
12 Regional* Classic-AAU T36/48
13 Black Open-AAU T21/27
14 Black Open-AAU T11/32
14 Blue Premier-AAU T37/67
14 White Premier-AAU T56/67
15 Black Open-AAU T27/50
15 Blue Premier-AAU 53/93
15 White Premier-AAU T80/93
15 Regional* Club-AAU T86/163
16 Black Open-AAU T13/67
16 Blue Premier-AAU T35/102
16 White Premier-AAU 72/102
17 Black Open-USAV T15/36
17 Blue Premier-AAU T12/96
17 White Premier-AAU 55/96
18 Black Open-USAV 34/36
18 Blue USA-USAV 13/24

*teams formed after completion of regional season for AAU attendance


Friday April 24, 2015

We are excited to announce that we have launched our 2015 Summer Camp program and have a great summer planned for athletes of all ages and levels. To begin exploring our summer camp options you have several options:

1  Visit our website, where items are located under the general training category

2  Visit our camp/clinic google calendar if you are looking for what's available for a specific week.

3  Be brave and jump into your OASYS account and scroll through the list of offerings by program category.

Yet to be posted are Summer AP Group* offerings [Spring is already up] and the Summer Smash 4v4 tournament. *AP Groups is Advanced Placement training for athletes 15 & up who compete at the highest level in club.

We have over 1200 hours of camps and clinics to help you 'CHANGE YOUR GAME'. To assist you I am including a complete summer camp offering list with pricing so you can see the entire summer at-a-glance. 


2015 Summer Camps-How to get BETTER!

Since 2003 Triangle Volleyball has provided comprehensive volleyball training for athletes of all ages and abilities. Triangle’s summer camp offerings have grown into the most widely recognized and attended program in the southeast.

From early June to the end of August Triangle’s wide range of camp and clinic options offer beginner youth appropriate and introductory training and provide the most elite volleyball player challenging technical training. Whatever the state of YOUR game…Triangle Summer Camps will help you ‘Change YOUR Game’ for the better.

YOUTH Series-grades 2-9. Triangle is the area’s leader in youth volleyball development. Camps and clinics focus on developing fundamental volleyball skills. Daytime, evening, and weekend camps give families flexibility to arrange camps around busy work and vacation schedules. 

•  Day Camp-the perfect option for children of working parents. In addition to introductory technical training, games, and play, campers experience Triangle leadership and team building training.

•  All Skills Camps-focus on skill development and play to provide our newest athletes with quality repetitions and significant ball contact.

•  YVP Mini-Sessions-YVP is the most popular youth clinic in the area. For the summer we offer this 6-session training in a three week [twice per week] mini-session. These evening sessions offer convenience to working families.

•  Clinics-these 1-1½ hour clinics [Attacking, Serving, Ball Control, Get It OVER!] provide focused technical instruction on specific skill areas for athletes.

•  Games & Play-focused on fun and ‘playing the game’ these 1 ½ hour sessions allow athletes to experience game-like settings and use their skills.

CLASSIC Series-middle/high school. Camps and clinics focus increasing proficiency in skill and positional play.

•  Day Camp-the perfect option for working parents that includes our Classic All Skills camp. In addition to technical training and play, campers experience Triangle leadership and team building training.

•  All Skills Camps-focus on total skill development providing athletes with quality repetitions and significant ball contact.

•  Clinics-Classic clinics [i.e. Attacking, Dig Your Guts Out, Serving & Passing, Jump Serve, Tactical Serving] are hallmarks of Triangle’s year-round training for middle/high school and club players and provide focused technical instruction and quality repetitions for athletes looking to hone their skills.

•  Position-Specific Camps-improve proficiency by position in these 3 day camps.

•  Tune-Up Camps-are specifically designed to prepare middle and high school athletes for their tryouts.

XTREME Series-middle/high school. Camps and clinics focus increasing proficiency in skill and positional play.

•  Xtreme Clinics-provide next-level training by position for athletes who have mastered the fundamentals of their position.

•  Xtreme Position-Specific Camps-improve proficiency by position in these 3 day camps. Athletes will be trained on multiple courts and grouped by ability.

GameON! training-the perfect way to get ready for high school and middle school season. All drills. Fast-paced and competitive. If you've never been to GameON! before you are in for a real treat!

PowerCore 360-Triangle is the only club in the southeast able to provide this proprietary hitters training. PowerCore is designed to increase power [both hitting and serving] while reducing the risk of injury to the shoulder This summer we have PC360 course, Arm Swing Mechanics, Approach Mechanics, and LIVE!.

Triangle Setting Academy [TSA and TSA advantage]-setters need frequent and regular contact with the ball to keep skills up during the summer months. TSA allows them these quality contacts and offers instruction to help them become a confident and capable setter. Setters will also benefit from Xtreme Setter training.

Strength and Conditioning and Vertical JUMP Training+-Corey Johnson, CPT and Jim Freeman lead JUMP+, POWER1 and POWER2 which are performance-based training designed to strengthen athletes, increase vertical jump and first-step quickness, and reduce the risk of injury. 

AP Summer Work Outs-for college-bound and ‘nearly’ college bound athletes. Be ready for preseason, get introduced to weight lifting, and get assistance with YOUR universities summer work out program or use one devised by Triangle's staff. Schedule TBD.

Team Camps

YOUR high school or middle school team can benefit from the same quality instruction Triangle club teams receive year-after-year. Led by Triangle’s most experienced staff you can let us design your camp or you can ‘Design Your Own’. Team camps can be held at Triangle or your location depending on your preference.

We look forward to seeing you at Triangle this summer. Our Spring programs are also up and running so no need to wait till summer to 'Change YOUR Game.'