Retreat Day 2019/2020

Inspiring, Connecting, and Preparing for the Journey

Friday, December 6, 2019 | Retreat Day

Triangle hosted it's 17th annual Retreat Day which offered student-athletes and coaches the opportunity to connect, create, inspire and prepare for the season's journey ahead. Matthew Schwab of "Matthew Schwab Speaks" was the keynote speaker addressing the crowd of over 400 athletes, coaching staff, and administrators. Matthew highlighted his life's journey, after being born with Down Syndrome, to persevere and achieve education, employment, and opportunity. Matthew stood as a shining example to all present of determination in the face of overwhelming and lifelong obstacles to independent living, inclusion, and being a valued contributor to society.

Athletes engaged in a variety of off-court and on-court activities designed to connect players and coaches as well as set priorities and standards for the season ahead. A club-wide art project entitled "Uniquely Triangle" was created which involved a large and colorful thumbprint filled with small cubed letters placed by each athlete to spell out their first name (or nickname). The core values of our mission where also included in the art piece. The artwork will be displayed at Triangle's facility in the Wake Competition Center.