Triangle F.I.T.T. offers remote learning to Triangle teams

4.3.2020 | On March 12th it became exceedingly clear that the world would never quite be the same as the evolving spread of COVID-19 affected nearly every facet of life in the United States and much of the world. In an effort to provide normalcy for Triangle athletes, to advance their training, and to provide a mechanism for them to remain connected to sport, team and club Triangle F.I.T.T. was created. Released the week of March 16th and consistently since that time, F.I.T.T. has continued with regularity the normal practice schedule and comprehensive elements of Triangle's nationally recognized training program. 

On March 18th, described Triangle F.I.T.T. as the "most extensive approach" in at-home training. The acronym stands for Fitness, IQ, Team, and Technique. Each module is tailored to address the specific needs and level of Triangle's five different training groups. Keep checking that 'inbox' and Stay Safe...Work Hard!