Triangle Food & Fund Drive Donates to Local Food Bank

Drive donates over 7,000 combined lbs/$ for families in need

12.20.20 Update:

The Holiday Food Drive was a fantastic success! Thanks to Caleigh's initiative and the gracious donations of the Triangle community, together we raised over 7,000 combined dollars/lbs of food for the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina!

The top five teams are below:

Top 5 Contributors:  
1) 16 Blue- 1,038 lbs + $
2) 18 Blue- 894 lbs + $
3) 15 Blue- 547 lbs + $
4) 16 Silver- 398 lbs + $
5) Team Awesome (Admin)- 360 lbs + $
We are so grateful to be a part of a giving community this holiday season!

Triangle is delighted (and impressed) to present Caleigh Millikin's (16 Silver) initiative for a holiday service project. Food insecurity has reached epic levels as a result of the pandemic and there are pretty simple ways for each of us to make an impactful difference. Please read Caleigh's note below to see how Triangle is looking to give back this Holiday season.

Dear Triangle Club Parents & Athletes:

The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina is always in need of food and donations, but there is an even more urgent need due to COVID-19 and the upcoming holidays. Since the beginning of COVID-19, the number of food-insecure people in this area has grown by 38%, including 49% growth for children and teens. That means over 750,000 people (1 in 5 people) may face hunger in 2020, including about 250,000 children (1 in 3 children).

Triangle Volleyball Club has always supported and encouraged service projects to benefit others. In fact, our club has a “Triangle Cup,” which is an in-house team-based service competition for student-athletes and their coaching staff. The goal is to create team bonding opportunities through service and support in a friendly competitive environment. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has canceled all our team activities outside of practices; however, collecting food and monetary donations for the Food Bank is something we all can do separately and as a team. Separately, we can collect food and funds, but when all of it is put together as a team, we can truly make a huge difference. 

I am coordinating a club wide competition/challenge between all of the teams at Triangle Volleyball Club to see who can donate the most and give back to their community. Each team will be competing against each other to see who can bring in the most donations of food and money and will receive a prize for doing so. 

I challenge every club/teammate to do at least ONE of the following: 

  1. Bring in at least 10 pounds of food and drop it off in the box that will be in the front of the Club (One large can of soup or vegetables is almost a pound). If every teammate and coach were to bring in at least 10 pounds of food, we would have about 3000 pounds of food to take to the Food Bank! Before placing your food donations in the box, write your team name on the outside of your donation bag and the weight so that it will count towards your team’s overall donations. (Notecards and a scale will be onsite at Triangle)
  2. Make a Donation - Donations count too! For every $1 you bring in, it will count as 1 pound of food for the tally. You can donate in three ways:
  • Please submit checks made out to “Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC.”  Write your team name on the memo line of the check and on the outside of the envelope to be counted towards your team’s total. Drop in office or collection envelope on box in foyer.
  • ONLINE via Triangle's website. Be sure to put Athlete's Name and Team Name in the Customer ID field so we can track your generosity.
  • CASH - If you bring cash place it in an envelope marked with your name and team. Drop in office, drop box in foyer, or collection envelope on box in foyer.

Please turn all money into the office or the mailbox outside. A running total will be kept for the pounds of food/donations per team and will be displayed in the foyer of the club. The team that donates the most food/funds will have “bragging rights,” plus win a sweet treat at the end of one of their practices (we will be following COVID-19 protocols as far as individual packaging and will bring it to you when it is safe to do so). 

The deadline for all donations is Sunday, December 13, 2020.

From the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina their most needed items include:

  • Canned Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, and Soup (Pop-top cans and low sodium is a plus!)
  • Whole Grain Pasta, Brown Rice, Dried Beans, and Cereal
  • Peanut Butter, and other kinds of nut butters
  • For Infants: Pedialyte, Infant Cereal, Powdered Formula, Diapers, and Wipes
  • For Kids: Fruit Cups, Juice Boxes, Granola Bars, Crackers, Popcorn and Sugar-Free Pudding Cups
  • Non-Food Essentials: Hygiene Items, Household Items, and Paper Products

Due to food safety regulations and safety protocols, please do not donate food items that are unsealed, loose items without ingredients listed, glass containers, or loose glass or plastic jars of baby food. These items must be discarded.

Good luck to you and your team and THANK YOU!
Caleigh Millikin, Triangle 16 Silver