Triangle grabs MAPL Gold in both Black and Blue Divisions

Triangle 17 Black and 15 Black shine in first MAPL

Over the January 28/29th weekend was the first stop of the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Power League [MAPL, pronounced M-apple] series held in Hampton, Virginia. MAPL is a unique mixed-age division event which looks to bring the most elite volleyball teams along the eastern seaboard together in one event. MAPL events utilize a power-pool format to create competitive match ups throughout the two-day event. MAPL events are big draws for collegiate recruiters and nearly 80 colleges and universities were represented at MAPL Hampton.

Triangle sent fifteen (15) teams to the event held annually at the Hampton Roads Convention Center and the Boo Williams Sportsplex. Teams compete in one of three divisions: Black [16-18’s]; Blue [14-16’s]; and Red [13/14’s].

Triangle records and finishes are:

[Team, Win-Loss Record, Finish/Field Size]

RED DIVISION [13-14’s]
13 Black, 4-3, T7/24
14 Blue, 4-3, 9/24

14 Black, 5-3, T27/66
15 Black, 8-0, 1st/66
15 Blue, 2-4, T21/66
15 White, 5-2, T41/66
16 Blue, 6-2, T3/66
16 White, 4-2, T29/66

16 Black, 3-4, T5/66
17 Black, 8-0, 1st/66
17 Blue, 2-4, T13/66
17 White, 5-3, T35/66
18 Black, 6-1, T3/66
18 Blue, 5-2, T17/66
18 White, 5-3, T33/66

rall record 72-36

The second stop of the Mid-Atlantic Power League is MAPL Raleigh, hosted by Triangle Volleyball Club on March 11 and 12.