Our Mission

Triangle Volleyball Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2002, is committed to the education and promotion of the whole person through excellence in volleyball.

About Us

Triangle Volleyball Club focuses on the personal and athletic development of our student-athletes, and creates a safe, positive, and effective learning environment in which student-athletes strive to achieve individual excellence within a team dynamic.

We view the volleyball court as our classroom, transformed to teach lessons of character, discipline, respect, responsibility, accountability, commitment, leadership, work ethic, teamwork, courage, integrity, communication, cooperation, the importance of sacrifice and sportsmanship. In conjunction with specific volleyball skills development we emphasize and teach our athletes the importance of proper nutrition, overall fitness and conditioning and healthy lifestyle choices.

Triangle's junior girls' club program has achieved both national and regional success. Team opportunities at the Regional, Regional Plus, and National level provide athletes competitive opportunities to fit families' interest, commitment level, and budget.

In January of 2019 Triangle realized its dream and moved from its original Globe Center location to its new built-to-suit dedicated volleyball facility at the Wake Competition Center. This eight (8) court indoor facility is fully outfitted with strength and conditioning space, classroom, staff lounge and learning center, VolleyShop, office areas and also includes three outdoor beach courts. Centrally located in a youth sports campus Triangle’s new facility offers tremendous opportunities for player development and serves to foster regional growth in the sport. Programs such as Triangle's Youth Volleyball Program (YVP), Setting Academy, PowerCore 360™, Vertical Jump Training, and year-round camps and clinics including our extensive Summer Camp program offer hundreds of players from across the region opportunities to train and develop.

Triangle Volleyball Club visibly and actively contributes to the betterment of the community through philanthropic work and participation in civic activities. Opportunities for our student-athletes to pass on their training to others and annual service initiatives are important elements of our program. In 2011 we established a partnership with Bridge II Sports to help bring adaptive volleyball to those individuals with physical differences. 'Volleyball for All' was born of this partnership and garnered national attention and regional focus on paralympic sports and the needs of this underserved population.

Local Area Impact

  • Our players, staff, families and visitors patronize area restaurants, retailers, services, hotel, etc. Below is a description of those who utilize our facility:
  • Along with our coaching staff, over 300 student-athletes and their families frequent our facility on a regular basis for practices, clinics, etc.
  • During our club season (January through April) we are the host site for regional junior volleyball tournaments every Saturday. We estimate that each of these weekends will bring 120 visiting players plus their families and coaches to our facility. Approximately 40% of these visitors will be traveling to the triangle from over 2 hours away and routinely require overnight accommodations.
  • Throughout the year we run an intensive series of camps and clinics which draw players and coaches from all over North Carolina.

Other Benefits to Our Supporters

  • You will be a partner in a volleyball club which strives for excellence in its sport and who is committed to developing student-athletes, those who exemplify the qualities and character necessary for success beyond life on the court.
  • You will be affiliated with a club which has achieved tremendous success since it's founding in 2002. Our teams have garnered national attention and our program is considered among the best in the country.
  • You provide support for all our student-athletes and help them to develop and be successful in our sport, the classroom and life.