Katy May

Staff Member Since: 

Originally from Pennsylvania, May joined the Triangle coaching staff in 2014. She was a high school, club, and collegiate player in the greater Philadelphia area, and was libero and captain for Franklin & Marshall College from 2008-2012. May has both high school and club coaching experience in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, having worked with players from 10 to 18 years old. Since starting at Triangle, May has been the head coach of 15 Steel and 15 Silver, assistant for 16 White, resource coach for 13 Blue, and one of the leads for Triangle's Youth Volleyball Program (YVP).

May came to North Carolina for graduate school in 2012. She now works in an environmental health science center at NC State as director of community engagement, and is pursuing her doctoral degree in science education. When she's not coaching or talking science, Katy is actively involved in animal rescue, volunteering and fostering dogs for a local adoption group.