Staff Interest Form

Staff Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in Triangle Volleyball Club. Please take time to thoroughly complete this interest form in order to help us to determine if you are a good candidate for further consideration to join our coaching staff. - Triangle Volleyball Club
Personal Information
Please tell us a little about yourself - siblings, where your family lives, etc.
We like to know "Why" our coaches coach...
Include school name, club name, college program, etc. Team age/level coached and number of years.
Include club, collegiate, special recognition/awards, etc.
For our competitive club program we employ HEAD, ASSISTANT, and RESOURCE coaches. We also have YOUTH program coaches. In addition to junior girls we also have junior boys. Let us know your particular coaching interest(s).
Use this space to include any additional information that may be useful (schedule limitations, etc.)
Please provide the name, email address, phone number, and relationship to you of two references if you are applying for a coaching position.