2023/2024 Club Tryouts - General Information

2023/2024 Tryouts


Triangle Volleyball Club is a co-founder in the NC Fair Tryout Pledge. Along with other like-minded and athlete-focused clubs, we make the following commitments to athletes who choose to play at Triangle:

  • We commit to making every effort to avoid creating a direct conflict with athlete's high school season, the ending of their prior club season, and their desire to attend summer college camps for the purposes of training and recruitment. Therefore, having tryouts prior to the high school season is not intended to signal the official “start” of the club season.

  • We have collaborated with numerous other clubs in our area to modify and adopt a new NC Fair Tryout Pledge.

  • With early tryouts there is little break for HS-aged club players leading volleyball to become a year-round sport. Our club season and approach in the fall will allow appropriate breaks to help combat burn-out and escalating injury risk, etc.

  • We seek to be good stewards of your investment in a competitive club experience. To that end we will bring to bear on that experience the following:

    • a large and talented coaching staff with tremendous capability and breadth of experience to ensure Triangle athletes receive the best overall training needed to advance to the next level.
    • team coaching staff assignments that provide a wide-range of positional competence with excellent coaching and playing experience.
    • a competitive tournament schedule given available information at the time.

We invite you to explore the possibilities at Triangle for 2023/2024.



Guides and Club payment schedules will be made available in advance of each tryout block.

  • Block 1: 15 Girls |  16 Girls |  17 Girls |  18 Girls
  • Block 2: Boys (all ages)  
  • Block 3: 11/12 Girls  |  13 Girls  |  14 Girls


  • <GIRLS 15-18s Club Fees Payment Schedules>
  • <GIRLS 11-14s Club Fees Payment Schedules>
  • <BOYS Club Fees Payment Schedules>
  • Those wishing to make the FULL PAYMENT (commitment deposit and dues) will receive a 5% discount if paid by cash/check only. Total amount due does NOT include uniforms and is found at the bottom of your team's column on the payment schedule.


Parent Information Sessions:

  • GIRLS' 15-18s
    • Option #1: Sunday, July 30, 7-8:30pm, via Webex <JOIN MEETING>
    • Option #2: Thursday, Aug 3, 7-8:30pm,  via Webex <JOIN MEETING>

  • Boys: TBD
  • Girls 11-14s
    • Option #1: Sunday, October 1, 4-5:30pm, via Webex <JOIN MEETING>
    • Option #2: Wednesday, October 4, 7-8:30pm,  via Webex <JOIN MEETING>

JOIN US IN THE GYM: ​<REGISTER FOR PRE-TRYOUT GYM SESSIONS via Oasys Sports> registration for open gyms and tryouts will open July 1 for the 15-18s junior girls tryouts.


  • ​NOTE: Triangle tryouts are CLOSED to all spectators, including parents of athlete participants


The reasons are many so check out...

  • "Uniquely Triangle" advantages
    • Talented and highly successful coaching staff.
    • State-of-the-art indoor, dedicated volleyball facility on the Wake Competition Center campus specifically created for youth, collegiate, and professional sports.
    • Extensive and award-winning Injury Prevention Program.
    • On-site Physical Therapy Services by Trinity Wellness Center - members receive free injury screenings scheduled around practice times.
    • Dedicated strength and conditioning area, classroom, abundant restrooms, full-service athletic training room, and open-air athlete 'locker' room.
    • Three (3) high-quality outdoor beach courts are adjacent to the indoor facility and allow for cross training and beach volleyball development.
    • These tangible differences and many more can be found by viewing "The Unique Triangle Experience"
  • Recruiting and Alumni Information
  • Proof Positive - read the facts and proven success that make Triangle the best choice for your club season.
  • Questions? info@trianglevolleyball.org

Financial Assistance Program [FAP]

Triangle recognizes that finances can play a critical role in the club decision-making process. In order for families to manage the financial commitment of club volleyball Triangle has a payment plan that allows fees to be paid in monthly increments over the course of the club season. Should the established payment plan still present a financial challenge for families Triangle will discuss the following options with families:

  1. Extended/Modified payment plan, and
  2. Triangle has board allocated FAP funds available for families of national team athletes [generally 15 & up] whose total household income prohibits participation in club volleyball.

Our FAP process includes an application and needs-based review process that relies on family income information, considers other factors such as academic performance, and requires approval by Triangle's Board of Directors.

NOTE: Inquiries for FAP must be done no less than two weeks in advance of tryouts. Inquiries should be directed to sherry.fadool@trianglevolleyball.org. An inquiry or submission of an application does not guarantee that a FAP award will be granted.