City of Oaks Challenge COVID-19

**UPDATE 4/12/21: Teams will be required to supply two (2) volunteers from their pool of spectators. One volunteer will serve as a line judge, and one will work at the scorers table. This format will allow each team to play 3 back-to-back matches with no work or off team. This is required to keep our numbers under the state-mandated COVID-19 attendance numbers.


**UPDATE 12/17/20: Unfortunately, as COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in North Carolina (and the entire country) and time runs out for there to be a significant turnaround or for any potential and immediate solutions to help ease the burden of the pandemic, we are left with no choice but to officially postpone the 2021 City of Oaks Challenge. Fortunately, through our partnership with the Raleigh Convention Center and the Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance [GRSA], we are already looking to move the event to later in 2021 so that the chances we can host this event in Raleigh are greatly improved. Our planned dates [pending contract approval] are May 1st & May 2nd, 2021, with more detailed information to come.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all participants and spectators will be required to wear masks while inside of the RCC. This applies to athletes while playing as well as spectators, coaches, and referees. All attendees will be screened and have their temperature taken at check-in.