Tournament Results and Schedule can be found on Advanced Event Systems

Congratulations to our 2018 Division Champions! 

12s Gold Champion: Triangle 12 Blue
12s Gold Finalist: ECJVC 12 Black
12s Silver Winner: Sports Academy HEAT 12

13s Gold Champion: IC Stars 13 MB
13s Gold Finalist: ECJVC 13 Black
13s Silver Winner: Triangle 12 Black
13s Bronze Winner: CHAVC 13 Purple
13s Copper Winnter: Triangle 13 White

14s Gold Champion: Carolina Edge 14
14s Gold Finalist: CJV 14 Megan
14s Silver Winner: ECJVC 14 Black
14s Bronze Winner: Crossfire 14 Mellie
14s Copper Winner: MOJO Elite 14 Blaze

15s Gold Champion: ECVC Hurricanes 15-1
15s Gold Finalist: Triangle 15 Black
15s Silver Winner: IC Stars 15-Joel
15s Bronze Winner: ECJVC 15 Purple
15s Copper Winner: ECJVC 15 White

16s Gold Champion: CJV 16 Wade
16s Gold Finalist: Triangle 16 Black
16s Silver Winner: Triangle 16 White
16s Bronze Winner: Lightning 16 National 
16s Copper Winner: ECJVC 16 Purple

16s Boys Champion: SERV 16 Boys
16s Boys Finalist: Triangle 16 Boys

17/18s Gold Champion: Triangle 17 Black
17/18s Gold Finalist: Triangle 18 Black
17/18s Silver Winner: NC Elite 18 Black
17/18s Bronze Winner: Carolina East Select
17/18s Copper Winner: JOCO-One 17

18 Boys Champion: CUVC 18-3 Michelle
18 Boys Finalist: Triangle 18 Boys


  • Girls' teams will play in four-team pools on Day 1 and Day 2 of the tournament*. Day 3 will consist of single elimination bracket play.
  • Boys' teams will play one or two days depending on division.
*Triangle reserves the right to alter play format when required due to division size.

2018 WAVE** SCHEDULE for Saturday and Sunday Pool Play:

  • Girls' Divisions
    • 12s - AM Wave
    • 13s - PM Wave
    • 14s - PM Wave
    • 15s - PM Wave
    • 16s - AM Wave
    • 17/18s - AM Wave
  • Boys' Divisions
    • 14s - Sunday PM [one day only]
    • 16-18s - Saturday PM and Sunday AM

**AM Wave begins at 8am; PM Wave begins at 230pm

NOTES: First round pools will be posted in AES by noon on the Wednesday prior to the start of the event.