Triangle Setting Academy [TSA]

Triangle Setting Academy [TSA]: TSA has been providing participants with elite training and comprehensive instruction in volleyball setting since 2006. TSA provides developing setters with regular technical training, instruction, and repetitions. TSA advantage goes beyond fundamentals with advanced tactical training and skill refinement. Both TSA and TSA advantage are designed to help participants develop into highly efficient, capable, and confident setters.

Attendees: Middle & high school boys & girls with volleyball skill training and playing experience on a middle/high school and/or club team.

Offerings: Participants are welcome to repeat camps and clinics.  Participants are often suggested to repeat to achieve basic repetitions in order to refine a skill.

  • Camps/Courses: Triangle Setting Academy Course, TSA Advantage Course
  • Clinics: No clinics offered in this series, check out our Xtreme Setting Clinics  which focus on a specific 'next level' setting skill during each 90 minute clinic.

Early-Bird Registration-Early-bird rates expire at midnight prior to the start date of each camp/clinic. Walkins and same day registrants are accepted ONLY if space permits. All participants must register online. For more information please review Triangle Camp and Clinic Policies.

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TSA Staff

Logan Barber (Assistant Director)
Brendan Koslowsky (Staff)
Sarah Patterson (Staff)
Emily Whitsett (Staff)
Mike Webster (Staff)
Natalie Ziskin (Staff)

Triangle Setting Academy Course

All academy participants are instructed in the basics of the setting position including footwork to the ball, hand position, release on the ball, and setting tempo. Participants train for speed, accuracy, consistency, and decision-making. While all participants learn the same foundations of setting, they will also learn (when appropriate) more advanced techniques such as jump setting, tracking the block, holding opposing middle blockers, and game strategy.

TSA is also beneficial to athletes interested in learning to set.

4 Session: Early Bird $110 [Reg. $125]

6 Sessions: Early Bird $180 [Reg. $200]

No prorates. No Drop Ins. 

SUMMER 2021:

TSA Advantage Course

TSA advantage provides advanced tactical training and skill refinement for fundamentally sound setters. Training includes match management, flow and counter-flow, creating one-on-ones, out-of-system success, and setter attack.

TSA advantage is intended for high level club and/or high school setters who are fundamentally sound, ages 14-18. Participants MUST be invited or approved by program director. For more information contact Jenna Hinton.

FOR NEXT LEVEL SETTING INSTRUCTION check out our Xtreme Setting Series.

$180 Early-bird [Regular: $200] 

No prorate. No Walkins.

SUMMER 2021:

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