COVID-19 Protocols

UPDATE: 5/15/2021

Given the recent and dramatic relaxation of masking and social distancing protocols by the CDC and NC Department of Health and Human Services as well as changes in Governor Cooper's Executive Order we want to be reiterate our current protocols. As a point of reference we have referred to the NCDHHS Interim Guidance for Administrators and Participants of Youth and Amateur Sports Programs. Please note these policies could change depending on continued case decline, changing guidance and as we complete our 2021 Club season.

  • We will continue to REQUIRE MASKING INSIDE Triangle* (whether you are vaccinated or not). This is for several reasons:
    • In April the junior volleyball community went through a phase of high COVID-19 infections due to team travel and competition.
    • Our main demographic, athletes 18 & under, are less likely to be fully vaccinated and some (under the age of 12) are not able to be vaccinated.
    • We want to do what we can to best ensure we can complete the 2021 season with no COVID-19 impact.
    • NC is still requiring masking in schools, camps and child care settings, emphasizing the need to continue to protect youth populations.
    • We have no plans to monitor those entering the door for vaccine status.
    • *The only masking exceptions will be for vaccinated staff in non-court areas such as our main office and staff break room.
  • NON-PARTICIPANTS will need to observe exclusively from the second floor Mezzanine area. Seating is not provided, but you are able to bring your own seating. We ask that members refrain from bringing in young children who are mobile and require supervision as the mezzanine space is limited and there are dangers associated with having open seating in the space and unsupervised children moving about.
  • OUR TEAMS and TRAVEL - we will make decisions on masking and social-distancing requirements while traveling and competing at events as trips get closer. We will have to rely on local guidance and how COVID-19 cases are trending in those decisions.
  • STAY VIGILANT as COVID-19 is still around. We ask that you continue to monitor daily your family's, and in particular, your athlete's health. Do not dismiss the development of any symptoms associated with COVID-19 and seek PCR testing as soon as possible if symptoms develop.
  • We encourage anyone not yet vaccinated to strongly consider getting vaccinated. Note: Triangle does not require vaccination of its athletes or staff however, we do support the recommendations of public health experts to vaccinate all eligible individuals.